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DigiByte Founder Takes a Break from the Project

By Jeremy Wall | News | 18 May 2020

DigiByte Founder, Jared Tate, announced Friday (May 15, 2020) that he’s temporarily stepping down from his leading CEO role and daily operations at DigiByte.  

Tate’s departure comes shortly after DigiByte (DGB) rallied by 900% in roughly six weeks, but his departure doesn’t appear to be an exit from DGB. Rather, Tate cites a corrupted crypto culture consumed by greed as his reasons for leaving. 

In a series of tweets, Tate proclaimed that:

“Greed is the fundamental driving force in crypto & people’s actions in life.”

Continuing he said:

Backing his statements up, Tate proclaimed that over the last half-decade of being involved with DigiByte and the crypto space, that he is fed up with people attempting to use him and/or DigiByte for a quick buck. 

“I personally know many people/orgs who have made millions off DGB. Cashed out and left w/o ever giving back/helping to grow the ecosystem. Yes nothing requires them to do so. But the rampant pillaging of the fruits and labor of the few by the many is a backwards equation.”

As such, Tate said he will now be refocusing his time and energy on a new endeavor and distance himself from the emerging crypto status quo. 

Will Jared Tate Ever Come Back?

Towards the end of his Tweet thread, Tate clarified that he will not permanently leave DigiByte forever but rather:

“I will be focusing on using open-source DGB tech to build some commercial applications on my own. I will also be taking some time off from social media & taking a well earned break from this space this summer.”

Concluding his DigiByte departure thread, Tate thanked the DigiByte community and proclaimed his confidence in them to guide DGB to new levels:

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Jeremy Wall
Jeremy Wall

Jeremy Wall is a financial writer and aspiring investor. He is also a cryptocurrency enthusiast who is fascinated with blockchain technology and the financial markets. When he’s not researching and learning about cryptocurrency, he’s traveling the world.


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