Scam Alert: Youtube and Twitter

By Trocoyenya | News techno | 23 Jul 2020

Scams are in vogue and, it is to worry about since the big platforms like Youtube and Twitter are being affected in a big way.

Cryptocurrencies are having a reborn, as this pandemic year has generated more confidence in cryptocurrencies; however, the scammers are growing too.

We are witnessing a considered increase in scams from networks such as Youtube and Twitter. It just seems like lies more and more people are joining in who do not know anything, and that is where scammers take advantage to do their evil deeds.

These new attacks are sophisticated, and in some cases, they disappear. That is why they take advantage of social networks, recently the founder of Cardan, warned that an alleged youtube account was giving fake cardboard gifts.

We all know about the attack on some verified Twitter accounts, as hackers managed to take over no less than about $110,000.

Therefore, now the fashion is on Youtube, the analysis company Whale Alert published a report where a Youtube account created a campaign wherein one day they managed to raise $ 120,000 through advertising on the video platform.

Another who suffered this type of attack was Ripple's CEO Brad Garlinghouse. They are supplanting their identities to offer XRP gifts to users. Already the CEO has filed a lawsuit against youtube, as it affects his reputation and image.

Another big scam on Youtube was the impersonation of Space X; they managed to open an identical channel and started asking for specific BTC amounts from users. The scammer escaped with 15.3 BTC, something unheard.

What is known is that there is a new wave of demands for the youtube platform; it is not understandable how the scammers manage to pass the filters and continue to scam the users. Something that undoubtedly worries everyone.

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