Gods Unchained: Trial of the Gods match reviews - Part 2: Light, Legendaries, and War

Gods Unchained: Trial of the Gods match reviews - Part 2: Light, Legendaries, and War

By CryptozNewb | News from the Scenes | 23 May 2020



Earlier this week, myself and several other players were invited to a special preview/playtest for the upcoming Gods Unchained expansion, Trial of the Gods.

You can read the first part of this recap at the link below


We'll be covering the rest of my matches in this post, which includes two rounds with a Chosen deck, two rounds with a thrown together Legendary Swarm deck, and one match with a pre-built Onslaught Control deck.

Match #1: Chosen One vs Slayer War (cryptoleo)


After the debacle with Death, I decided to move on to Light. The Chosen One God Power has always had a special place in my heart, but with the amount of removal in Gods Unchained, it's difficult to make an effective deck.

But Season One has some more cards built around buffing the Chosen One (Ward in particular is important), and I also had access to the Triumvirate Prophet, which is not part of my own collection (yet), unfortunately.



In this matchup, my first Chosen One selected turned out to be an Ashen Drake. Oftentimes, when your Chosen One ends up being a high mana card, it makes for a difficult game. But in this case, I was able to block my opponent with a steady stream of small frontline creatures (plus 2x Light's Levy didn't hurt either), until I could bring my Warded , Frontline, 9/8 Drake out.


This ended up being a very close match. If my opponent had a Sharpen or Whetstone in their hand, I would have lost.

I wonder if Zaxiom would be a good addition to the Chosen One deck. Would it pick up the Keywords from the Chosen One card, or will it only pick up Keywords that are part of the original card text?


Match #2: Chosen One vs War Enrage (cryptoleo)

Rematch against Cryptoleo, though this time he went with an Enrage deck.

Very similar results, though I did get an earlier Chosen One (Devoted Follower), who was sacrificed at a high cost to my opponent (Devouring Blade + Carnage Sweep). I started off way behind on health, but once we got to 6 and 7 mana, I was able to play a steady stream of tough Creatures and overwhelm my opponent.

Again the Triumvirate Prophet is a key card to this deck, and I'm not sure it would work without it.


Always nice to pull out a win even though your opponent drops two Demogorgons in a row! You also get to see me totally miscount my attack points (whiskey was taking its toll at this point) and miss getting the kill one turn earlier.

Match #3: Legendary Swarm vs Magic Rats ([Mythic] GGian)

Since we were using Immutable's internal testing accounts for this playtest, we were given access to ALL the cards (excepting Mythics). I couldn't pass up this opportunity to try and make an all-Legendary deck. I ended up going with Magic with about 25 Legendary cards plus a few removal spells.


Rat Swarm plus Form of Unity was my demise in this one.



Match #4: Legendary Swarm vs Guild Deception (z3ll)

Gave the Legendary Swarm another go, but without any deck synergy, it's hard to do much of anything interesting.


Despite Circe and Pallas and Jason on the board and a hand full of other Legendaries, a 6 strength Hidden Creature was not something I was able to stop.

Match #5: War Onslaught Control vs Magic Rats (Immutable_Scott)

For my final match I switched over to a War Control to see if I could make use of Valka (which I did!). The Rat Swarm was not so effective this time around!



So that covers my nine matches I was in during this week's playtest. I wanted to try out a variety of the new cards and I was glad to see that the Immutable team was kind enough to provide a number of viable, interesting, pre-built decks for us to use.


Also tholal@yahoo.com See me on Flickr - https://www.flickr.com/photos/tholal

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