Hot Sauce NFTs from Puckerbutt Coming Soon

By FreeCryptoGuy | News and Commentary | 21 Jan 2022

Puckerbutt joins web3!

I am a huge fan of hot sauce, peppers, and anything spicy. So, when I found out that Puckerbutt Pepper Company is joining web3 and is gonna issue NFTs soon, I just had to share the information!


Puckerbutt Pepper Company is ran by the world famous Ed Currie. Ed is the pepper grower who introduced the world to the latest spiciest pepper the Carolina Reaper! The Carolina Reaper is ridiculously hot compared to ghost peppers, multitudes more powerful than a habanero, and it makes jalapenos cry just looking at them. The Reaper is THE world's spiciest pepper, with one exception... The Pepper X, also created by Ed Currie in his greenhouse/laboratory.

Puckerbutt Sauces are some of the most delicious sauces available, and the Pepper X is very flavorful while also being extremely spicy. They offer lots of flavor profiles from the extreme to the mild and everything in between.

Puckerbutt NFTs?

Puckerbutt has partnered with Fuego Box and High River Sauces for an NFT web3 venture.

From the source:

"Fuego Friends is a small collection of NFTs that will be launching very soon, and we want to give our loyal PuckerButt community early access! Owning a Fuego Friends NFT will act as your membership card to our web3 world where you can expect mind-blowing product drops, hot sauce expo access, fun artwork, the world's spiciest community and big surprises around every corner.

Only a limited number of NFTs will be released, so sign up now before this gets out to the public!"


There is no obligation to buy just for signing up, but the form asks for your Name, Email, Discord ID, and Ethereum address (only ever share your public address).

Looks like they treat you to a small preview of the Fuego Friends NFT style as well:


Puckerbutt will introduce Web3 and NFTs to an all new sector of the market. Many people who enjoy Puckerbutt Sauces have NO experience with crypto, NFTs, or web3.

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