Which cryptocurrency is worth investing in 2019?


Many people heard about Bitcoin long before they learned about the existence of the blockchain or cryptocurrency market. At the moment, bitcoin is the most popular and largest digital currency in terms of market capitalization and transaction volume.

Many analysts argue that if you decide to invest only in one cryptocurrency, it must be Bitcoin.


Supporters of the ether describe this coin as the “smartest” currency in the entire cryptocurrency market. While bitcoin is the most popular asset, ethereum remains the most stable coin. It is also worth mentioning that most blockchain companies invest in Ethereum.

Ethereum ranks second in market capitalization, and just like Bitcoin is available for purchase on all major exchanges.


Currently, XRP ranks third among the most capitalized cryptocurrencies. Ripple XRP, in which financial institutions and banks are most often invested, has long been considered to be a kind of bridge between the traditional and innovative industries.


Investors who buy Litecoin, most often expect to make a profit in the long term. Cryptocurrency, with a market capitalization of $ 3 billion, uses an improved proof-of-work algorithm, which is considered more decentralized than the Bitcoin algorithm. In addition, Litecoin mines much faster than Bitcoin.

Binance coin

BNB is a cryptocurrency produced by the world's largest exchange - Binance. This token enables users to receive discounts on Binance platform services. Many experts consider BNB as one of the main Bitcoin competitors in the future, since the currency has the support of the largest cryptocurrency platform in the world.

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