Night Shade

By NewenX | newenx | 28 May 2019

Hello! I hope you are having a great day! When I made this song back in 2017 I was first just playing with samples and suddenly this kind of creepy shadow vocal sample came up (the one at the beginning) and I was like ooooh hell yeah I love this. So I started with the song instantly. That's the main reason why it is called Night Shade, for some reason the melodies and sounds make me think of a cold dark night and creepy shadows going around, do you feel that? Maybe not haha, but I hope you like it!

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I have loved music since I have memory and I love to share my feelings with the world through my songs. I've been playing in bands my whole life, punk, metal, hardcore, grunge, rock, death metal, etc. But right now I'm making my way as a solo artist with


I'm a musician making a lot of different styles for you to enjoy :)

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