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By Stat1c | NewCrypto news | 6 Apr 2020

Very often we hear that a Bitcoin wallet or other cryptocurrencies have been hacked and that whoever owned them is no longer able to recover them.
This is due to the fact that the wallets we use are on hardware such as our computer or phone that are constantly connected to the network, if then these are not specific equipment that we use only for cryptocurrencies and we keep the rest of the time offline but equipment for everyday use and browsing, your crypto may be at risk.

Even if the common wallets and multi-wallets wallets have the private keys encrypted and saved in the device, therefore never transmitted over the network, if a virus (key logger, troian, maleware) takes hold of your system your private keys could be compromised and possibly also your crypto disappeared.

To overcome this  in addition to the good habit of using antivirus and firewalls and not browsing in licentious sites - hardware COLD WALLETS have been developed, such as the now famous Ledger Nano or a very economical solution that almost does not rely on not at all electronics, the PAPER WALLETS

Paper wallet


Here is the link:

Behind this wallet are the teams of Bitcoin Fundation (Bitcoin Core wallet) and (multi-wallet) who both have proven experience and reliability.

The interface is well made, all the information in detail for the creation and use of the paper wallet. The optional wallet designs are also very beautiful.


Here is the link:

BitAddress is one of the oldest paper wallets and has always proven to be reliable. Although the interface and wallet graphics are less cared for than the previous one, it has many options such as multiple wallets, split wallets, vanity wallets etc.

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NewCrypto news
NewCrypto news

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