Ledger Nano X Hardware Wallet Guide

By Stat1c | NewCrypto news | 20 Apr 2020

Ledger Nano X the latest addition to the Ledger home features an integrated Bluetooth and many other new features.

e414356b434e87257b117171f63ed640cb0a6bbf3dac1d5bb3cdb9bcd7d7e634.pngThe new Hardware Wallet presents interesting features compared to its predecessor the Ledger Nano S. But let's see all the features. 

The Wallet hardware has a new Bluetooth functionality, CC EAL5 + certified and is enabled for backup. It uses the same technology found in credit cards and passports to protect data. It also supports over 100 applications, which means that it is possible to store 100 different cryptocurrencies on the device (with over 1100 cryptocurrencies supported in total

Thanks to the integrated Bluetooth it is possible to connect the smartphone to the device in a very easy and intuitive way. Ledger has also created a dedicated mobile app called Ledger Live Mobile which allows Nano X owners to safely check their portfolio balance in real time, manage transactions and install or uninstall apps remotely, without having to connect the USB device to the Computer.

The Ledger Nano X has a new graphical interface, much more functional than its predecessor, the Ledger Nano S


Security is obviously a very important factor when it comes to hardware wallets. Nano X aims to offer uncompromising security. Private keys are securely isolated inside the device (CC EAL5 + certificate), which is the same chip used to protect passports and credit cards.


As previously mentioned, the Nano X is enabled for Bluetooth connection. This allows you to quickly connect it to the phone in order to spend your Crypto. Just install the Ledger Live Mobile app on your phone and make transactions. All Bluetooth communications are end-to-end encrypted to protect the device in security.

Backup and restore

In case of loss of the device the funds are protected. When you initially set up the Nano X, a 24-word recovery phrase will be created. This allows you to restore funds instantly on any Ledger device. 

Operating system

Ledger has developed its own highly protected operating system called BOLOS. We also find this operating system on Ledger Nano S and Ledger Blue. BOLOS is also installed on Ledger Nano X.   The Ladger Nano X is made of stainless steel and plastic, with a total weight of 34 grams. It is compatible with 64-bit desktop computers with Windows 8+, MacOS 10.8+ and Linux esmartphones both Android 5+ and iOS 9+

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NewCrypto news
NewCrypto news

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