Eidoo (EDO) Crypto Debit Card

By Stat1c | NewCrypto news | 15 Apr 2020

Eidoo (EDO) is a project that will launch their own Crypto Debit card soon, has opened it's preorder phase, with a small amount of tokens (88,231,718.12) that permanently getting lower and lower quantity because, for exemple, every person that pre-order a basic card will burn 100 EDO.

https://eidoo.io/edo-token  here is the remaining token

Also there is an offer, people that pre-order the card will get a double percent cashback. More information you can find https://eidoo.io/crypto-debit-card

Here are the cashback rewards if you pre-order the card now. The cashback rewards will be halfed after the preorder fase:

Basic Card: 0.5% - 2.5%

3143414223-252c9c7af6d2434e4ef812734304443d300495b18f943542d4d42a0c5583e475.jpegVIP Card:    2.5% - 6.5%

3143414223-d63a2c7d265f13b8dca2dabbd9cec1872cb8fd0f1706d0d3d62a71da0ac53f95.jpegMetal Card: 6.5% - 10%


Their VIP and METAL users will get bebefits like Netflix, gift cards, etc. More info on:  https://eidoo.io/crypto-debit-card

They also got a DeFi exchange, Hybrid exchange and the posibility to swap between certain token pairs within the app.

Directly in the app you can buy Eidoo and other cryptocurrency, via Sepa and Instant Sepa wire transferes(1% fees) but also with Credit card(higher fees).

400+ basic card's are already ordered = 40000 (edo) burned

and already more then 1.000.000 Eidoo are staked for the VIP/Metal cards .

Hurry up take your chance to get a double cashback and other benefits.

Here is my refferal link if you decided to join Eidoo you will get a 2€ worth of ETH after the KYC verification: https://eidoo.page.link/42277

Eidoo telegram group link if you have any questions, they will answer you very  quickly: https://t.me/joinchat/F4ox3EO_ubynqlzakd6lKw

Eidoo supported by well know projects:




Kyber Network







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NewCrypto news
NewCrypto news

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