Hello World!


Here I am.

Dipping my toe into the world of Crypto and Blockchain Gaming.

Full disclosure.

I have no idea what I'm doing.

Sure I *know* about crypto, but much like a duck knows about there's a park bench over there, where occasionally ugly featherless two-legged things occasionally throw food at it, I have no idea how, what, who, where, it's made (okay that metaphor got out of hand, but hey it's my blog). I mean I have a vague memory of hearing about mining bitcoin using a laptop waaaaaayy back in the day (I'd say sometime in the 2010's??) and I thought to myself "Self - that seems like a good idea". But I had no idea how to get even started (I still don't - I mean what button do you press to mine? Alt-F4? Ctrl-Alt-Del? Ctrl-X?). So I remained oblivious.

Fast forward 10 years later.

Still oblivious.

But hey, I'm *trying* to learn about it.

But in all honesty, I am completely new at this. Seriously. Like not even "in-diapers" new - more like I just squirted out of a vagina and the umbilical cord is still attached new.

I started this whole process on the 13th of February 2022. As of writing this, that was 6 days ago (not even a week!). But in that time, I think I made a little progress. I did and discovered a few things:

1. Got my first crypto wallet.

2. Wrote down my 12-word pass thingy (small panic attack - I couldn't find it - then I did)

3. Discovered all the places you can buy crypto.

4. Discovered some of those places make buying crypto ridiculously difficult, bewildering and intimidating to a complete beginner (I mean I get it, security and all that - and making sure people aren't buying into their own wallets using misappropriated funds - but do you really need a copy of a Utility Bill AND a scan of my drivers license? Front AND back???)

4. Bought my first crytpo.

5. Got walloped by heat (amisayingthatright?) when I exchanged the crytpo I just bought for the crypto I needed for block-chain gaming.

6. Bought my first NFT.

7. Got walloped by heat (amisayingthatright?) when buying that first NFT.

8. Played my first ever block-chain game.

9. Got my first ever rewards for playing a block-chain game (don't get excited it's a daily reward thing - not that I won anything massive - pretty sure what I got is like 17,986 decimal places away from a dollar. But hey free money, amirite?)

10. Started this blog.

Welp. That's it for now - I guess the next few posts will be a record of how I discovered block-chain gaming, and why it was what pushed me into the crypto world.

Gooberino out.

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I'm pretty new to this Crypto stuff - Learning as I'm going along :D

Newbie Adventures in Blockchain-Gaming
Newbie Adventures in Blockchain-Gaming

Follow me as this dude tries to figure out this whole block-chain gaming schamozzle. I have 0% experience in all things crypto! :D

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