TheUsefullTipsSeries for PublishOx current and futur writers: tip 2

By excelencia | The Newbie Academy | 12 Apr 2022

To fasten-up the writing and subsequentially publishing your articles, there's one golden advice:     

Don't make faults losing time.      

How to not loose time making faults?      

Don't make faults, simple

How to not make faults?

                    Overthink before you act:


This second tip is also for PublishOx newbie writers:

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If you insert an image in an article on PublishOx ,there is one golden advice to be given:


After uploading your image on the article line where you've placed the cursor , don't click on the image, instead puch the enter button on your keyboard, to start a new line:


                         Photo by Jan Loyde Cabrera on Unsplash

Reason to do this:

If you click in the uploaded image and then on the enter button, your uploaded image will be you'lloose time to upload it again...

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Have a nice day for all!



                         Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

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