If you don't use Presearch to look for something on the web, you are... ... ... ,are you?

By excelencia | The Newbie Academy | 4 Oct 2021

The PRESEARCH ENGINE is doing very well !                                   

In TheNewbieAcademy every absolute beginner can learn how to look for things on the internet , using the presearch browser and in the same time earn crypto money.

Crypto money is money that can be changed to dollars also, for example, as you see in the picture below, taken on friday, october 15 2021 at 8:30 UTC


You can see in this picture that 1 PRE equals $0.37 at the time the picture was taken in the website livecoinwatch.

Using the PRESEARCH ENGINE to look up for something on the World Wide Web , you earn 0.10 Pre by each searching, up to 30 searchings pro day.

Don't try to collect PRE only by doing searchings to collect PRE, use THE PRESEARCH ENGINE to look up everything you like in an honest way, in that way, each amount of PRE you collect will be yours.

TheNewbieAcademy likes to inform absolute beginners about great opportunitys to earn crypto money while doing things you would do anyway without earning a penny.

Start using the PRESEARCH ENGINE now , and there you'll see already your first 25 PRE's as a gift for doing your searchings with the PRESEARCH ENGINE.

You can see how to start to search the world wide web with the PRESEARCH ENGINE here!

Every minute you wait ,well, every minute you wait, you're waisting your precious time, that's all.


Turn back regularly at TheNewbieAcademy to learn new things in an easy to understand way, this is only for absolute beginners, take it easy!





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The Newbie Academy

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