Top 6 Bandwidth-Sharing Services, On Three of Them You Get $5 Just By Singing-up (HoneyGain, Repocket(Beta) and Spider!) || Passive Income!

Share Bandwidth For Crypto/Cash: 

  HoneyGain: Maybe the biggest bandwidth-sharing service out there and you get $5 for free just by singing-up!. HoneyGain has a while back released their own crypto called JMPT, which stands for JumpTask. You can either choose to be paid by Paypal or in their crypto JMPT, I would choose JMPT as it has the potential to grow in value and you also get 10% more at the moment, as a extra feature can you also stake your JMPT for different time-periods to get different interest-rate on it.    You also have the possibility to earn JMPT thru various tasks as surveys, games and other forms of microtasks After a while will you be able to "enable content delivery" at least if you have a stable connection, this is more heavier as the renters performs rendering for example but it will earn you a lot more! For you that has a limited data-plan, no worries as you can set how much GB you can maximum share per month, if you get any data left.    This is also the bandwidth-sharing service I earn the most on for now and you are able to have it on all devices from Android, to Mac to Raspberry Pi (of course including Linux and Windows ) Join HoneyGain and get $5 for free and earn 10% extra at the moment if you choose JumpTask: HERE ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________   Repocket (Beta): This is just a released bandwidth-sharing service that seems very serious as you just like HoneyGain get $5 for free by just singing-up! Repocket is new to myself to but what I've seen so far it pays in the line with HoneyGain!. If you only want to choose a few of these services would Repocket and HoneyGain be my bets together with Spider which I will talk about just below.    Repocket is soon available on all devices, the only exception here is that the IOS App for iPhone is "Coming Soon", well that line could be misapprehended :). You can join Repocket and get $5 for free just by singing-up with some great gains per month: HERE ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________   Spider: is just like all the other services but you just like HoneyGain and Repocket get $5 for free just by singing-up!, Spider has in change for the other services the best referral program where you get % of the ones you refer all the way back to the one you invited that invited another that guy also invited another girl, that girl invited a elephant and so forth ten times you'll get it!, you earn a lot if you have referred many that refers many.    So, Spider has by far the most impressive referral program by all bandwidh-sharing services and you also get that $5 bonus! You can join Spider: HERE ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________   Pawns: Another bandwidth-sharing service/proxy-service, it can depending on location, speed of you connection, how stable it is give you a fair amount of money. You can choose to get paid in various cryptos or PayPal, Pawns is on the rise so it would not surprise me if they took the same direction as HoneyGain did and goes crypto-based with it's own token in the future! Pawns is available on all devices. You can join Pawns: HERE ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________   EarnApp: Badwidth-sharing and VPN-service, resembles Pawns in many ways, but here you get paid via PayPal, Amazon gift cards or via Wise. They will probably in the future implement crypto-based payouts. It's available on all devices. Join EarnApp: HERE ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________   Peer2Profit: Much like EarnApp, but here you have many ways of getting paid, to mention a few: In variuos Cryptocurrencies like ETH, Doge, LiteCoin, Tether(USDT), BTC with a few more but also via Qiwi, Yoomoney, bank card, Perfect Money, Payeer with more. It's like the rest available on all devices and major OS's, Join Peer2Profit: HERE    

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