Revuto App Is Finally Here!, You Can Still Get In On The second Phase Of Early Rewards! - The Subscription dApp On Cardano (ADA) Blockchain

Revuto - Subscription dApp On Cardano Blockchain



What Is Revuto?

Revuto is a dApp on Cardano blockchain which aims to ease subscriptions for people thru reviling hidden fee's for the customers and thru their native token REVU. The platform will be filled with a lot of different features for you to utilize to save money on current and new subscriptions. Revuto has it's platform mainly on the app which for now is not fully completed yet. The platform offers easy ways to the customer to unsubscribe subscriptions and even block them or just postpone for later date. Revuto is offering a all-in-one solution for controlling your subscriptions from one single place. 

Revuto has confused on their own niche and developed a dApp the ordinary users of DeFi has never seen or at least not used to, This because Revuto is not only focusing on this special group of people but all people instead. Brining you a dApp for everyone to use, even i you're not familiar with using cryptocurrencies.   


What Is All This Features Revuto Has Really? and How Do You Use Them?

Revuto will have a easy interface to use, so their will be little to no pain controlling your subscriptions. Revuto has several features to use some of them mentioned above. As told can you control every single part of your subscription for example if you want to approve the payment, unsubscribe, block or postpone. You'll be able to pay your subscriptions with either REVU tokens, other native Cardano tokens/coins or with fiat. You can even split subscriptions costs with friend and family also using the

Revuto app and if you chose to pay your subscriptions with REVU tokens will you earn cashbacks for every subscription paid. Everyone of this features will be located in the app when it's it's completed for now and in the beginning will the app be partly completed and more features will add on during the time. All of this can you do from an easy interface for everyone to understand. You, your friends and family can also swap unused subscriptions with each other, a perfect solution for the subscriptions not wanted but already paid for.

The platform will also have a virtual debit Revuto debit card for you to pay with on websites you can top-up the credit with you original bank-card or with REVU tokens. The subscriptions on Revuto is constantly updating so as many subscriptions as possible can be offered tp pay and control thru the app, the main goal is as told to be able to control all your subscriptions from the app. 

You'll also be able to provide liquidity to the protocol (any Cardano native tokens/coins) to earn yield on your REVU tokens, what liquidity you'll be able to provide is yet to be announced.   

The REVU Token

The native token of Revuto platform is the REVU token which is the main tokens used and the one token that fills the most utilities on the platform with that said is the REVU token a utility token as well as a governance token. The purposes of REVU is many and if we separate this from the features above and just focus on the areas we not talked about is it still many use cases of the REVU left.

First off all can you collateralize your REVU tokens to borrowing stablecoins to pay for your subscriptions, the platform calls this feature "micro-lending". You're also able to stake your REVU tokens to earn rewards and by staking will you also unlock other features which is only unlocked by staking. You can send and receive REVU tokens from the wallet inside the app as any crypto wallet you might have.


Revuto NFTs

Revuto is building their own NFT marketplace. Some investors "early backers tier 1 investors"  can claim one of the 1826 unique NFTs at Revuto for free, what a surprise. The NFT marketplace will be fully integrated in the app once finished. 



Other Notes (Summery)

Revuto has has really evolved a big ecosystem once complete fully, there you enjoy investing with controlling your subscriptions.  

- From Revuto can you control your subscriptions in every aspect

- Micro-lending

- Staking

- You can provide liquidity to the protocol and earn yield 

- NFT marketplace

- Cash-back feature while paying subscriptions with REVU tokens

- Virtual debit card (available to top-up with fiat and REVU tokens)

- Wallet to send and receive REVU tokens

- Swap unused subscriptions with friends and family

- Everything integrated in one app

- Referral rewards



Get a Hand On Some REVU tokens (You can earn even more REVU tokens for inviting friends and family, once registered in the app)

When first Revuto was announced to launch could you join their first airdrop just by register and earn 10 REVU tokens, this airdrop is sadly over. But you can still get early rewards for signing-up within the app which is released now.

Step 1: Download Revuto app on either Google Play or App Store.

Step 2: Open the app and and choose which email-address you want to sign-in with and do so.

Step 3: Now do you arrive at a page their it stands "Enter voucher or referral code", there do you write referral code: rasmu85rpgtmfr and proceed.

Step 4: Well, now is a verification email sent to you with a 6 digit code for you to insert in the app.

Step 5: Finished.



Revuto Official Links

Website, click here.

Facebook page, click here.

Twitter, click here.

Medium, click here.

Telegram announcement channel, click here.



Thank you for reading and all support!






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