Pixel - MPX (MetaPixel) a Decentralized Cloud-Storage Project Built OnPolygon (Fair Launch!, Get Your Tokens For Free!) + a Few Other Hot Projects Were You Can Tokens For Free!


Pixel a Cloud-Storage Service Built On Polygon, Powered By You In a Decentralized Manner!


Most people today knows about cloud-storage, at least people who are into IT and computers in general. Cloud-storage means that you can store your files on a server somewhere, people are doing this to save space on the computer, have access to the files anywhere on any computer, pad or mobile or sometimes to secure files somewhere else the reasons are many. There is cloud-storage services that are completely free (Often a limit on how much you can store) but also paid services. If you pay for cloud-storage do you often get more storage, access to other features, support and maybe even higher security than the free ones.

But it dosen't matter if your cloud-storage service is free or you pay for it, both will have TWO BIG disadvantages against MetaPixel which is that it's probably not blockchain-based or decentralized. So why is this so important? well, let me first explain a little about MetaPixel and the goal with the project. 


Pixel - General Info About The Project.

Pixel (MPX) is a crypto-project based on Polygon blockchain, a layer-2 blockchain. Polygon is a blockchain with very low transactions fee's while having a high output of transactions that are fast, this to have it's own success as a blockchain but also to ease activity on Ethereum's blockchain as Ethereum easily gets clogged up this in turn raises the transactions fee's enormously. MetaPixel is now an app on Google Play for Android devices, unfortunely is there no app on App Store for iPhone users yet.

Pixel will in a later stage be an dApp (Decentralized Application) on Polygon. How the dApp will look and what features it exactly will have is yet to discover, but we know it's utility at least which is to store files. This file storage is something you probably need to pay for, my guess is that you pay for this with Pixel's own tokens MetaPixel (MPX). 


The Benefits With a Decentralized Storage Which Is Blockchain-Based

- Your files is divided on many serves around the world

- The whole file will never be stored on just one server (as with today's cloud-storage services that are centralized)

- You can only access your files thru a connected wallet to the dApp (the only wallet which you can connected to retrieve your files is the same wallet used to upload the files

- Your files are secured by blockchain-technology

- You get high security and privacy 

- You upload your files anonymously 


Why This Benefits Are So Important 

- The server owner can't access your files (in centralized cloud-based storage, is the file as a whole uploaded on one server)

- Hackers having a much harder time (if not impossible) to get your files (this as your files is divided in part on many servers, therefore is is every part of the file corrupt (cannot access or see what the files is)

- No personal information is connected/related to the files (as the only thing connecting the file to you is the wallet-address used to upload the file)

- To even have a chance of retrieving your file must someone have either control of the network (control more than 51% of Polygon's network) or in some way having access to your wallet.

- The files are secured, no one has access to them but you and you are not connected to the files in any way except your wallet-address.


As you see is there a lot of advantages of using a blockchain-based cloud-storage service against a centralized. You will get higher security in many ways, it's private and anonymous. In this area shines blockchain-technology as it offers so much more features by itself. 


Pixel App -  Get MetaPixel (MPX) Tokens For Free! (Fair Launch thru the app)


Pixel choose to distribute their token thru a fair-launch which means that you can not buy the token (no ICO, IEO or IDO will be held). The only way to get the token for now is thru Pixel's app for Android devices on Google Play, you can download the app from Google Play by clicking: Here you can also use invitation/referral code: PXAND846051 to support my work (I get more MPX tokens if you use my code, you have nothing to loose by using it)

The app is simple and it's easy to navigate in it and every mining session lasts 4 hours, as of now do you get the highest mining rate which is 20MPX/h (this mining rate is with now referrals, you get higher by inviting others). When pressing "start mining" starts also a commercial which lasts around 10 sec, some find this irritating but are nessecary for many projects in the start. I see it in this way "I get free tokens by watching commercial for 10 sec which is great as I don't need to invest a dime"

If you're interested in this project or just want to expand your portfolio for free, is Pixel a great choice as you just can start the mining on the app in 4-hours interval.


Pixel - Roadmap

I tried to insert the image of the roadmap here ut it's something wrong with the feature here on Publish0x for now. So I'm not able to upload it at the moment but you can see the roadmap in another tab by clicking here instead. (Temporary solution)



Pixel's website: Here

Pixel's Telegram: Here

Pixel's Twitter: Here

Pixel's Instagram: Here

Pixel's Youtube Channel: Here

Pixel App on Google Play: Here (Use invitation/referral code: PXAND846051 to support my work)



Other Good Projects Worth Investing Your Time in (To Get FREE Tokens!)


Satoshi Chain - This is a new blockchain soon releasing it's mainnet (in testnet stage for now). This new blockchain has several million followers mining its crypto BTCs (Bitcoin Satoshi), the blockchain is built upon Bitcoin's blockchain and enables smart contract use. Satoshi chain can be compared to Polygon's (Matic) blockchain. Satoshi chain is a type of layer-2 solution for Bitcoin's chain just as Polygon are for Ethereum. This as told enables smart contract use and with this enables everything fun about DeFi and dApps. Other projects can start and create their own projects on Satoshi Chain. Every transaction made on Satoshi chain will be recorded on BTC ordinary chain too, as Satoshi chain is a solution to make BTC smart contract enabled and to make BTC easier to use in DeFi contexts.

In the app were you everyday can get BTCs for free will you also get ordinary BTC as an incentive for inviting others and contributing to the project. You get BTCs by a form of "cloud mining" which needs to be started every 24th hour. You mine blocks and get block rewards, against all other "mining apps" has this project a much more advanced model. This with the use of hashcards for example (to increase you hash together with others). You also get more hash thus getting you more BTCs per block you mine for using the testnet. The free mining of BTCs will last until December 2022 after this can you get more by staking BTCs or operating a validator.

You can read further about Satoshi chain and BTCs in my other article by clicking here which explains everything about this project and how the app is working in detail.  

You can download the app and start mining BTCs by clicking here


Remitano (RENEC) - Another top project airdropping its token is Remitano which is one of the biggest P2P exchanges for BTC (for altcoins too). The airdrop of their token RENEC is released thru a mining feature. You can mine RENEC both with and without doing KYC, but I really recommend doing KYC as you get twice the mining speed. Remitano's new blockchain will be developed in many stages and at first will you only be able to send and receive RENEC (staking will be available to), the blockchain in this stage can be compared to Bitcoin's blockchain but with much lower transaction fee's, the later stages will really take it to new levels though. 

The later stages will make smart contract use enabled and a own DeFi will be created, this new blockchain is many blockchain's in one though and will be similar to Polkadot's and Cosmos blockchain but with different solutions to all the different problems blockchain meets. However is Remitano's blockchain and it's token RENEC one of the biggest news of 2022 and topping my list together with Satoshi chain. 

You can register on Remitano by clicking here and by this start to mine RENEC! (Remember that you only can mine RENEC in their app and not on their website but you can still register on the website and later download the app to log in and mine RENEC)


Cheatmoon Network - Another intruding project with more than 500,000 user of its app and now preparing for its node mining release. Cheatmoon i based on a new type of consensus Che-IT with the power to process around 1 million transactions per second, this to rival centralized banking/payments.

Any type of payment option in general have to be fast, cheap and reliable to even be an option as a way of paying and create adoption. Many blockchain's to date do not meet this criteria, many of them dosen't meet the transaction speed required as it needs to be able process this just in a few seconds and if it meets this criteria is often the transaction fee too high. Cheatmoon's and its new consensus Che-IT is a step in the right direction to be able to meet this. Cheatmoon network looks promising as new innovations just like the new consensus Che-IT is required to innovate blockchain tech and decentralized payment options. 

Cheatmoon is now airdropping its token thru their app by 24 hours "cloud mining" sessions. You can boost the mining rate or get more tokens by watching commercials every 15 minutes if you want, this also helps the project as you get more free tokens. In your profile page do you get missions too and for every mission set completed do you get 1 XP (experience point) with a bonus of Cheatmoon tokens. By gathering XP you climb in the ranks which is based on a 5 tier system ("cadet", "supporter", "enthusiast", "whale" and "board memeber") these tiers do have subdivisions. If you get to "board memeber" which is the highest rank will you get the chance to take decisions regarding the future development of Cheatmoon Network

You can download Cheatmoon for Android on Google Play by clicking here and to iPhone on App store by clicking here you can use invitation code: Rallee (Thank you for supporting my work*)

Cheatmoon website click here

* By using my invitation codes do you support my writing and to find new ways to get crypto for free as its the main category I write about, thank you.



Stay Tuned For More Updates On These Projects and New Ones!

Thank you for reading and supporting my work! 

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