Bitcoin Satoshi (BTCs), a New Blockchain Layered Above Bitcoin's PoW Blockchain Enables Smart Contracts and More (Mine BTCs while you can and get BTC as rewards too)

Bitcoin Satoshi (BTCs), a Blockchain Above The Giant, Is This The New Big Thing?


I will in this article try to breakdown what Bitcoin Satoshi (BTCs) really is and why you should mine it on your mobile while you can. The Satoshi Chain have recently launched its testnet, this to try the consensus (Satoshi+ consensus algorithm) above the Bitcoin blockchain while aslo testing the nodes. The mainnet is set to launch this year if everything goes as planed, but as we all know can this change rapidly. The devs behind this project are anonymous and are according to them many and located all over the world. As a appreciation to those who support and mine BTCs is there a BTC giveaway every week were you can gather a lot BTC (Bitcoin, yeah real Bitcoin) while aslo gathering BTCs (Bitcoin Satoshi thru the mining  in the app).

The devs behind this project is dedicated while aslo having a huge bag of assets or is supported by it, they're giving away lots of BTC every week (This for two years straight). BTCs will open a new world were Bitcoin and Ethereum are as one. Satoshi chain will have the security of Bitcoins Proof-of-work blockchain and the DeFi of Ethereum (enables smart contracts on the Bitcoin blockchain). Only a dumb person will not see the utility of this. No extra strain on the environment, while having the security of the of the total hashrate on Bitcoins blockchain, this with smart contracts enabled on-chain. To download the app and start mining BTCs for FREE while gathering BTC for free would be a very wise decision?)

I will now breakdown every part of this project and we start with the app itself. 


The Satoshi App

You will find the app "Satoshi" on Google Play or App Store and even on their website as an apk-file which in the start was the only way to obtain the app. The app itself can look a bit advanced, but do not get frightened it's not as advanced as it seems. Take a look below to see how the mining page of the app looks like.



In the right corner will you find the white paper, next to it "recruit miners" this is where you find your invitation URL and even a invitation poster which belongs to your invitation URL. You also find the necessary information about recruiting others on that page. If you are excited already can you use this link by clicking HERE to download the app and get going with your BTCs  mining journey (this is my invitation URL).

App layout explanation: In the upper section can you see the total supply of BTCs and how much of it that has been mined in real-time. In the section below can you see "MyHash" which is the hashrate you have and "contributed" is the hashrate you get from your miners (the ones you invite by your invitation code). You can aslo see how much BTCs you have mined and owe and also the BTC you have gathered. 

In this picture I have the tab "Mining" open which is the page you see your mining information and where you can receive the mined BTCs from the block rewards. The tab "MiningFactory" is a tab were you see the information about the miners you have invited. The "Chat" tab is the tab were you can chat ion a big chat with lots of people or just chat with all your miners. the "HashCard" section is cards you can share with others so both you and others can gain more hashrate, you do this by sharing the code of a specific card with others so they join that card and the more people that join the more hashrate gains for all. The "GiftCard" section works pretty much the same but this is just giftcard for new miners, that you can use when inviting others. 

The lowest section is built up by the tabs "Quote", "Ranking", "Mining", "News" and "Me". 


Satoshi Chain (In Testnet phase) + Consensus Explanation 

The Satoshi Chain is currently live on its testnet and according to the roadmap will mainnet launch in the second quarter of 2022, which is soon but the mining of BTCs will go on until the end of 2022. So there is time to mine and collect as much as possible which I will at least as I see a huge potential in this. I really do think this will succeed and for now I see no reason why it should fail as more and more users jumping on the train too. 

To really know how Satoshi chain work can be a bit tricky at least if you are new crypto and blockchain technique in general, so the easiest way to understand it is thru this image below. Just this two picture explain quite a lot and would had taken me minimum one A4 to explain, as a picture tells more than thousand words. This is doh and very simplified explanation of Satoshi chain a blockchain above Bitcoins PoW blockchain utilizing all its hashrate for security and enables smart contracts in its layer, cool huh?. (There is two separate images, the left one a very very simplified explanation and the right one goes more to the depth of explaining how it really connects to Bitcoin's blockchain and from there how the consensus work. e3167c5f85760752e415521211ad7101a9ae5b61b89b4ca74ee29dca2ce584e5.jpg3dccd5c6c0503c884ce7c1d50dd2192606e5b80306dcdf9e4d66a16490eaffe8.jpg


You can connect to Satoshi testnet with Metamask if you want aslo, you are even able to fetch some tBTCs from the faucet HERE too. You can read a guide how to fetch tBTCs on the testnet and add the RPC for the testnet by clicking HERE.

Links and App Download

Just remember that this is a golden opportunity, where you can collect crypto for free and this on a big project too with many followers already, millions.

Download the Satoshi app (To start mining BTCs) by clicking:  HERE (You also get good comprehensive information about BTCs when you follow the link to download the app

Website Click: Here

Telegram Group Click: Here











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