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HeroCat GameFi Metaverse - Got $650 when HCT got listed and making $15 a day mining HCT! with minimal investment! New P2E with great rewards!

HeroCat GameFi - A new Play 2 Earn Metaverse



HeroCat Gamefi

Herocat is GameFi building on the HeroCat Token (HCT), which your "Mining Pet" is mining 24/7. This is only a 1/10 of what this metaverse really is and the game is still in Beta, soon getting released in it's full version. HeroCat additionally announcement a collaboration with NFTMAKE which are building a 3.0 NFT consensus model, basically your ID on the web as an NFT. With this announcement we got a nice surprise as well, which is that all having a "mining pet" can soon on NFTMAKE website in the category "NFT Bank" mine their token MAKE for free. Talk about two birds in one catch. HeroCat is a combination of NFT mining (HCT) and blockchain GameFi in a developed metaverse that's expanding all the time!

I'm excited for what this GameFi has to offer when it has reach it's full potential, just for now is the Beta of the game quite impressive. So let's talk some more about  everything you have to know about this metaverse. The HeroCat Metaverse is soon reaching 1 million users!, and it's just the beginning!


The Mining and Mining Pets

To first get going in this metaverse you'll need a mining pet which comes in two different kinds, one costs 100 USDT and the other one 200 USDT.  The only thing that separate these two is the hashrate and how they look. As in ordinary mining is hashrate the key to more profit, and as you could guess is the mining pet that costs 200 USDT the fastest (having most hashrate from start, without upgrades). How much HCT you earn in a day is based on the mining pets hashrate, both pets hashrate can you upgrade a lot getting you more HCT in the end. You can either upgrade your pet with your mined HCT but also with USDT.

My tactic for now is to use 50% of my daily mined HCT for upgrades and the other 50% do I save for other investments. You can upgrade your pet from lvl 1 to lvl 1000. Remember that your mining pet is also a NFT which you later can sell if you want and the higher hashrate you have on it, the higher can you sell it for. There will be a marketplace for all NFTs in HeroCat, there you can buy or sell your NFTs. When this marketplace will come is yet unknown, but the team behind HeroCat work hard and development is going fast.


The GameFi

The HeroCat game is big with many features to explore and even more to come. The main part of the game is to get NFTs in-game which meet waves of enemies with boss-levels. There exists many different NFTs in different rarities. The rarity scale is common-rare-legenday-epic. You get these NFTs in-game from the chest which gives you a random NFT. You can in-game upgrades these NFTs with foods, the foods has levels to but it will not explain this here (you will understand that easy). There are even a few more features here you can use to upgrade your NFTs in-game further, it's not only the foods that upgrades these NFTs. The foods just level the NFTs and the levels is between 1-1000, there your NFT starts from level 1.

One feature to further improve the NFTs and reach higher levels thus higher rewards in-game is the feature: Rising Star.

Rising star is a feature there you need two identical NFTs in-game by that can you sacrifice one of them to bring the one left a star. To level the stars of the NFTs will make the NFTs abilities better, all NFTs in the game has 4 abilities which can be everything from chance of healing when attacking, make more critical damage or earn more HCG while approaching enemy. While the foods upgrade the health, attack, defense, attack speed, critical strike chance, chance of missing.

Another feature is hero summon in this feature can you sacrifice 5 NFTs in game to spawn a new NFT which you can't get from the chest, these NFTs comes in the same rarity scale. 

Merge debris is a feature there you can get different NFTs from the fragments you collected in the game, you get these on boss levels when you win. There are even more features on the way here. 

Except from the waves of enemies which is the main part of the game can you also meet other players and the NFTs fight against each other, this to climb in the rank. This feature do you find in the dungeon, another feature in the dungeon is "FragmentZone" here can you meet monsters in different degres of difficulties from simple, normal to hard. This can you do three times a day and collect even more fragments. 


The Mine 

The mine is also a gameplay with NFTs in the game in symbiosis with the other NFTs meeting the waves of enemies. The NFTs in the mine is gathered in the same way as the other NFTs in the game which is from the chest to get a random miner. The miner NFTs comes also in different raritys and goes after the same scale. The better rarity the better hashrate. These NFTs do you also feed with foods to level so they get better hashrate. These miner NFTs can alos utilize the rising star feature. ( Do not confuse the in-game miner NFTs with the mining pet, those are two separate things)

The foods for the Miner NFTs are bought with HCT and the foods for the NFTs fighting enemies are bought with HCG. In game is there a third currency also called HCU. With HCU can you buy other features in the game, like your NFTs aslo fighting offline and gathering you rewards. Other important thing to mention is that a small % of all NFTs coming from the chest is holy. When a NFT in-game is holy has it better stats than a non-hoy NFT. A good strategy is to collect holy NFTs in good rarities and level those in the rising star feature as well.  In the open-beta right now is everything free in-game and you get free tokens to buy NFTs to try everything out. How everything will work when it's truly completed I don't know, but I'm sure it will be awesome. 



Website:, you can register with code k126812 (Thank you for support!)

Telegram Group: Click HERE.

Twitter: Click HERE.





Some images of HeroCat GameFi below:

This is an image of the

The image above is an image of the "mining pet" which is an NFT and mines HCT for you.


The image above is an image of some of the NFTs in the game, which is a part of the metaverse.







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