Glim Network, an app with integrated features - earn GLIM by mining and join the loyalty program to earn their stablecoin launching next year!


--------------Glim Network App------------


-Loyalty Program to earn GNST (stablecoin) and Mining to earn GLIM token!-


Glim Network is recently launched it's a crypto wallet app with many integrated features, like swapping one crypto for another, P2P trading, later will futures and margin trading be integrated as well, but also a trading bot! as you see will glim have many features right in your pocket. Not only that but you can also earn their own token GLIM by mining every 8th hour and watching commercial every 4th hour, two separate ways of earning GLIM, but you also earn GLIM passively thru referrals mining it too which you have invited.  They also just today launched their loyalty program.

The loyalty program is a way of earning GNST which is Glim network own stablecoin (just like USDT or USDC are) and it's peeged to the dollar. You earn GNST easily just by depositing and withdrawing crypto from the wallet and swap with the integrated swapping feature five times under 24 hours. Both GLIM and GNST will be launched next year in the beginning of 2023.


About Glim Network

Glim Network are as told a crypto wallet with many features straight out of pocket it's an app featuring the all-in-one crypto/blockchain concept and you will be able to perform nearly any feature that exist in the crypto sphere thru Glim. The UI is being updated all the time and the app is just getting better, faster and more responsive, the UI is this now in this update, lovely that just happened. More features the this all-in one solution will have is also a news section together with staking, which will with the above features fulfill everyones needs.

There will also be a marketplace for NFTs, where GNSTwill be the main currency to be able to buy NFTs. Glim's blockchain will live on Solana and on EVM-chains (Ethereum Virtual Machine) which nearly all big blockchains are built upon like Ethereum itself, Binance smart chain, Polygon, Avalanche among others. GLIM will be the interoperable utility token of Glim Network/platform and you will be able to transfer it from blockchain to blockchian, later when released, in May-June 2023. The airdrop allocation of GLIM is a total of 15% of the supply with GLIM having a total supply of 1,000 000 000 tokens (1 billion tokens in total). The other allocations can you read in the whitepaper or on their website. The team will be allocated 10% of it's supply but it will be locked for a total of five years with a yearly unlocking rate of 20%. So the project is here to stay, period. The massive job on the app recently telling just good things about this project.

Not only are you getting GNST, the Glim stablecoin for depositing/withdrawing you also earn GLIM tokens that way too and not only from the mining/airdrop itself.

You can join Glim Network by clicking: HERE or if you want can you download the app yourself on Google Play here and use invitation code: 4S6BGZWW (than you for using my invitation link or code, and thus supporting my content creation work!)

You can also find the whitepaper for the project here and go to the website here.

Below is some screenshoots taken from the app, including a screenshot of the loyalty program to earn GNST and the Airdrop of the GLIM token.

                     <---The image to the left is the GLIM mining/airdrop claiming and the right one the loyalty program to ear, GNST --->

The GLIM mining/airdrop494e4b23c66d2a1d92e0b8bbab306e206703b71c3bae33aef775fc677477b701.jpg


Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed the not all to long article an hopefully join to get some nice free earnings!

(You find tips on more project to earn free tokens from below in my signature!)




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