Aave Network a Fork Of Aave Protocol -a Decentralized Non-Custodial Liquidity Lending and Borrowing Network

The Fork Of Aave Protocol, Aave Network - An Overview



Aave Network

As told from the headline is Aave network a hard fork of Aave Protocol which target the same features as the original Aave, which is a lending and borrowing protocol to earn interest on your assets. Aave Network has it's own token called AAVN. Because the protocol is non-custodial and decentralized can whoever deposit assets to earn interest on those. It's an environment there credit checkups doesn't exists nor other controls. That's the beauty of DeFi and protocols like this. You'll earn interest on the asset itself but you'll also earn interest in form of AAVN tokens which you can claim to stake or swap for other cryptocurrencies.

Aave Network is based on Binance Smart Chain an it's token AAVN is a BEP-20 token.


Aave Network and AAVN Token Features

AAVN tokens are on pre-sale as we speak as well the airdrop which is a very kind airdrop, if you want to join pre-sale or airdrop directly click here. Aave network will have many features for users to utilize exactly like it's brother Aave protocol. The platform is a lending platform for users to place their assets to gain interest, the assets doesn't only get interest but works as collateral to a certain limit. Which assets Aave Network will have for it's users is yet unclear. You will be able to borrow assets against your collateral which assets you can borrow is yet unclear as well. Because Aave Network will work very similar to Aave protocol will you get certain % of AAVN tokens for your assets you have deposited which will differ depending on which asset being deposit. You will also get a certain % AAVN tokens for the assets you have borrowed + a certain % on the borrowed asset you have to pay back. 

In a lending and borrow perspective is all profit in % depended on the specific asset being deposit and borrowed, just like Aave protocol. The platform has more exiting things to make profit from except to just lend and borrow. You'll be able to stake your AAVN tokens for more, the AAVN token is also made to collateralize assets. The AAVN token is more than that it's also the governance token of Aave network, if you have AAVN tokens can you be a part of the governance system and by that the future of Aave network. 

You will also have the possibility to get rewarded in AAVN tokens for participating in liquidity mining, which is the assets you deposit and borrow but also thru providing LP's in a pool. Later on will another feature emerge which is NFT auctions and as you guessed will you need AAVN tokens to be able to participate in the auctions made by Aave network.


AAVN Tokenomics


The pre-sale of AAVN token is ongoing right now and have a fixed price of $0.12 per AAVN token. It's easy to join and buy from the pre-sale which is located right on the website here.


Aave Network Brings Rare But Amazing Features To DeFi.

Lending and borrowing, well Aave network is more than that and will bring an mobile app custom made for the network for your comfort to access your assets fast on the go but the next features is what excites me. Aave network will bring DeFi to your ordinary life and even individuals who are not engaged in crypto with a Interest Bearing Transaction Account which also is linked to your VISA Debit card. Aave network will have something no one has a DeFi credit card there you can get monthly loans and fix repayments. No credit check is needed no more!, Aave network will bring DeFi to the world accessible thru your mobile. In the image below can we get a peek on how the interface will look like.


Other Notes  

Aave network has made some partnerships to extend Aave network beyond the platform itself and which will also enable you to swap AAVN tokens for other cryptocurrencies. The partners is Pancakeswap and 1inch which is two big DEX:es on BSC. 

Useful links

- Website, click here.

- Join airdrop (You support my writing here on Publish0x by joining airdrop here), click here.

- Aave Network's Twitter, click here.

- Aave Network's Telegram Chat, click here.


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