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By The Official DM | #GetToKnowMe | 31 Dec 2021


What's up, folks, I'm Devin, b.k.a. Tuwailib currently living in Atlanta, Georgia and I'm here to talk about #Lifescaping, privacy, blockchain technology, and adult lifestyle choices. 



I like to write about different blockchains, cryptocurrencies and Play to Earn gaming; the private side of society and private membership organizations; Lifescaping, becoming the author of your own story and the Captain of you on vessel; and last but not least, fetish & kinky lifestyles and private social clubs. 


I’m here to wrangle the herd on Hive, Publish0x, Minds, and Torum to start communities catering to a #CarnalWorld, where we focus on sexual freedom, expression, and education; #OnCode, becoming the author of your own story by following the #LifescapeChallenge. #dSovereign, where the public learns to #GoPrivate, depend less on "Big Brother”; and living privately.


If you would like to see more content like this or if you’d like to chime in, leave your comments, give me an upvote and follow me to stay tuned in for more content. What would you like me to talk about next? Who knows, I might make my next piece of content just for you. Hope to see you all in my feed.

I do accept donations if you feel like supporting ok posts. Your contributions and gifts help me to have free giveaways, contests and airdrops. You can upvote, comment, follow/subscribe, and share via HIVE, PublishOx, Minds, or WordPress.


I'm also looking for advice to help me get started creating new communities on Hive and other platforms. If you'd just like to help to bring these communities to life you can help by supporting my blogs with tips or using my referral links or by providing donations. Help me to keep on paying it forward.


Where else might you find me and more content like this? You can keep up with me on my Linktree.

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You’re under no obligation to donate, although it is greatly appreciated and it helps me to expand on what I am able to do for these communities and my followers. If you would like to help out you can with the information below: 


  • Donate Cash.App here:  $theonlydm
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The Official DM
The Official DM

When I'm not writing, I am a student of life, constantly seeking to improve and grow. I enjoy web3 & tech enthusiast, and value the time spent with my family and friends.


Get to know the person behind the blog! Learn about my background, interests, and what drives me to empower individuals through personal growth and development. Join me on my journey and discover how my experiences shape my content and mission. Let's connect and grow together.

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