ZIL Yearly Yield Drops Again, But I'm OK With It.

Obiss1231 here.

        ZIL has been good to me so far in regards to climbing in overall price. I'm gaining gZIL for staking ZIL, I know little about gZIL other then it will be distributed for 1 year only. I'm assuming this is what's helping gain ZIL some traction. Atomic Wallet has ZIL's yearly yield at 17% now. I didn't get a chance to make a post about how it dropped to 18%. Now at 17% ZIL has been a one way "water slide" down on the yearly yield but the upside, gZIL and ZIL has gone up over 80% since when I started staking. I can't complain with the gains I'll hold out with ZIL for now.

       Side note I sold some CRO for BTC, CRO has been bad to me, I have faith in CRO but they need to keep innovating to stay in the game. I think they have the team and money to get CRO popping, but only the future will tell. That's all I got for now, good luck in the crypto space everyone!


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new to the crypto world, currently staking in ATOM, MOTA, ZIL, CRO and AWC.

New to Crypto and I'm jumping in the deep end.
New to Crypto and I'm jumping in the deep end.

Obiss1231 here. Currently I'm building a staking portfolio, and know the minimum amount about most of the coins I'm holding to be transparent. I started my Investments into crypto about 2 weeks ago and I'm trying and build some passive income in the crypto space. My active stakes are as follows AWC @ 20%, ATOM @ 10%, ZIL @25% MOTA @ 5-10%(unsure of the %) and CRO 6%(unsure of the%). Note that the % listed here are yearly yields not the % of my portfolio.

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