Investing more into ATOM.

Obiss1231 here.

       This one is going to be quick, my only crypto investment this week was into ATOM mainly because I wanted to see better results weekly. In Atomic Wallet its around 7-11% yearly yield defiantly not the highest % you could get in the wallet with ZIL being the highest right now at around 25% yearly yield. Long story short I would probably be better off investing more into the AWC at 20% or ZIL as mentioned before, but I had some ATOM already and didn't want to get burned on exchange fee's converting it into ZIL plus my ATOM was already staked.

      Side note I did invest into Square, Inc. (SQ) this week to diversify my portfolio a little more. That's all for now take care and good luck in the crypto space.

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new to the crypto world, currently staking in ATOM, MOTA, ZIL, CRO and AWC.

New to Crypto and I'm jumping in the deep end.
New to Crypto and I'm jumping in the deep end.

Obiss1231 here. Currently I'm building a staking portfolio, and know the minimum amount about most of the coins I'm holding to be transparent. I started my Investments into crypto about 2 weeks ago and I'm trying and build some passive income in the crypto space. My active stakes are as follows AWC @ 20%, ATOM @ 10%, ZIL @25% MOTA @ 5-10%(unsure of the %) and CRO 6%(unsure of the%). Note that the % listed here are yearly yields not the % of my portfolio.

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