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Becoming A Crypto Fiend/Intoduction...

Obiss1231 here.

        I want to start by saying about 2 weeks ago I knew nothing about crypto, other then a few mining/passive income videos I had found when scrolling Youtube. I came across a few discord servers over my time on the internet and met Danishcrypto.dk who is an active roll in many different projects in the crypto space. From there we talked about crypto for a few days, honestly I didnt need much of a push to get into the crypto world. I was introduced to NANO as my first crypto, the 0 fees from person to person were really enticing. The wallet I went with at the start was Atomic Wallet, and boy was I lucky to start with Atomic. The interface on the PC app is the easiest to navigate, almost like using Apple products they make it so simple and easy so your grandparents can understand whats going on. Danishcrypto also introduced me to staking coins on Atomic, fast-forward to today where I've invested 25% of my savings into different crypto spaces for staking. Follow me on my aggressive investment path into crypto and if it's a flop or if I win big on some of the bets I've made. The goal is to post my weekly earning/thoughts on my current holding. My Portfolio is in the blog description currently, feel free to leave comments about better ways to stake your crypto!

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new to the crypto world, currently staking in ATOM, MOTA, ZIL, CRO and AWC.

New to Crypto and I'm jumping in the deep end.
New to Crypto and I'm jumping in the deep end.

Obiss1231 here. Currently I'm building a staking portfolio, and know the minimum amount about most of the coins I'm holding to be transparent. I started my Investments into crypto about 2 weeks ago and I'm trying and build some passive income in the crypto space. My active stakes are as follows AWC @ 20%, ATOM @ 10%, ZIL @25% MOTA @ 5-10%(unsure of the %) and CRO 6%(unsure of the%). Note that the % listed here are yearly yields not the % of my portfolio.

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