By giada | NEW TECHNOLOGIES | 20 Apr 2020

Everyone is looking for the most profitable asset class. The outlook for investing in equity securities is favorable. With the current situation, markets can only have positive returns on both share price lists and valuations. But one should not be fooled by the easy short-term gain but focus on longer periods. The secret to winning on the stock market is to buy and keep as much as possible until the trend has been reversed.

We believe this is the best time to diversify and invest in biotechnology stocks.

It is the opportune moment
The bullish trend is there for all to see. Pessimism is behind us and the situation experienced up to a few months ago is only a memory. Then with a sharply increasing rally, estimates speak of a 30% increase until August 2020. The outlook is increasingly bright. The good news that comes from the companies then generates greater optimism and makes the quotes point added to the upside.

Stock markets affected by other factors

Politics also plays an important game: from Brexit to the trade war between the US and China. Now entering the winter period the surprises and good deals for the tariff are under the tree. It is not a play on words but only what has been happening for years when we add it in the winter, leaving the summer behind us, among the least fruitful periods for the stock markets. With some extra money in your pocket and a calm climate, the bags require an additional boost.Invest in biotechnology stocks to earn
A nice surprise could come from the biotechnology sector. This could be the right week to invest. After a phase of consolidation, the securities could be attractive for the most varied reasons.

 Betting on the rise of 2 companies that invest and work in the biotechnology sector

BB Biotech (BB) is growing but the outlook is always on the rise. Take advantage of it immediately given the trend it is following in order to invest money to earn on the stock market in the best period.


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