How to earn more: basic strategies that everyone forgets too often

By giada | NEW TECHNOLOGIES | 25 Apr 2020

The first goal when starting a business is to get to that point where it can be considered "placed". In short, your liquidity is stable, you can pay expenses and taxes without great sacrifices, everything runs smoothly.


At this point, however, you are faced with a choice: either enjoy the moment or point to new growth. Let me be clear, there is nothing masculine if you are happy and serene at the point where you arrived, or if you have other priorities than a growth rate year after year, and you prefer to take your time. This you can establish only and only you based on your goals, your expectations and, precisely, your priorities, which also includes the extra-working sphere.


If, on the other hand, you are impatient to make a qualitative leap, here are  useful tips on how to earn more. Implementing these strategies will be neither more nor less demanding than starting a business from scratch, which you have already proven you can do. You simply have to start thinking about your job differently.


In a more ... intelligent way. Facts paid per project (not per hour) Getting paid at an hourly rate may seem like the best choice, since you just have to mark the time you spend in a project and send the hourly bill to your client.


There is, and in reality sometimes it is the only way forward, however consider that: You don't get paid to become more efficient and faster at completing the job; Some customers may dispute your hourly rate and "pull" on the price; By placing too much emphasis on the time taken to complete the project, you risk diminishing its value. If your price is instead fixed directly on the project, married the attention on its value, and in this case the fact that you have concluded it soon and well will be another merit that will be recognized by the customer.


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