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Why I Do Not Want Just A Peep Into Popular Posts On PublishOx

Popularity score should be introduced in PublishOx.  At a glance,  we need to know the most popular PublishOx guru in town.  The more popular you are is the more earning you get. 

Popular posts on publishox should follow after a sequence too.  Why not begin with the topmost and follow in the  order to the lowest.  Maybe publishox shuns compete competition, yet healthy competition is not bad after all. 

There good writers who earn well here and their posts are frequently in the most popular posts.  I would like to cite here @JohnWege as an example.  He frequently gives us his earning streaks even in other sites like medium.  His posts will be found on the top page. 


@StealthEx is another great one, just to mention a few. Let us not forget @Cryptonator.  Generally we have great content creators here who are recognized in other great blogging sites. 


Back to the most popular posts.  We should have about three to four categories.  There should be the day's popular posts carrying only that day's popular articles.  We should see how they alternate for supremacy on the top page.  The weekly popularity should also be there.  Lastly we should have an all time popularity.

How is popularity gauged? Clear guidelines should be there to judge the popularity of a post. 

  • Is it the subject matter touching on the contemporary issues?  A post should have well informed matter.  The matter should be contemporary.  Is it that most posts which touch on cryptocurrency should take center stage?
  • Is it the length of the post?  Frequently,  I have seen posts which are a one-minute read.  There are other posts which go beyond the one minute read and range between 2 and 10. Posts which are more than 2 minutes preferably become featured.  However,  should we group the posts depending on the length?
  • Is the nature of the post a determinant?  Mostly,  I have not seen any poetry post featuring on publishox.  Maybe they peep,  meaning they are found on the 2nd page and over. 
  • The title and images play a role too. 

Let me now bounce back to personalising this post.  My posts have all the time have a peeping on the top page.  They are mini popular.  Maybe I am not a popular writer myself. Simply,  I write for fun.  I don't take it seriously.

I gauge my posts thus. 

  • Non starters.  These are posts with zero.  They have some views but they were not good enough to be tipped with a cent. 


'The thief' is one such a post.  It has no earnings or earnings below a cent.  This is a non starter. 

  • Crawlers.  This are posts which earned just  between 0.01 to one cent .  This is where I belong.  Most of my writings lie here. 


These two posts belong here. 

  • The Signatures.  These ones show signs that we can reach the featured.  They are like a signature into the site.  They are posts that I earned slightly above 2 cents. 


  • There are the anticipated.  These are posts beyond one dollar. Since I joined PublishOx, I have never attained such.  Maybe I won't be able to reach these far but I do anticipate to. 


  • The downers.  These are posts with more dislikes and those flagged down as low quality.  I have one such a post. 


  • My aspiration is to make it big in PubishOx.  This is an achievable goal.  Yes I can. 

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Great Posts And Articles By Great Authors

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