The Social Subject of the 21st century is clearly behaviorist. Which is equivalent to saying that serious reflection and rational self-determination are reduced to a vital minimum that applies to mere survival. We are faced with a subject who reacts like a dog. When faced with an external stimulus, he responds with a mechanical gesture, that is, animal and thoughtless.
This subject is not interested in the ultimate foundation of things but in the simple enjoyment of it: it is social behaviorism.
And it has nothing to do with the educational level. It is a structure that, as such, exceeds the subject. And it also has no relation to the ethics of solidarity or egocentrism. It is a period quality. That's why it's almost impossible to see.
Social networks are an ideal metaphor to exemplify: the publication is the stimulus and the little heart or the sad face is the response. That's mechanical. The eye observes and reacts: the eye does not stop to establish anything. In the same way we love, we vote, we make social and individual life an accumulation of "I like it" or "it makes me angry." Is this good or bad. Don't know. It is the epochal paradigm that we build brick by brick.
The guiding idea is evident: the immediate satisfaction of my rage. Of my wish. Of my self.
No one dares to deny that Advertising (in its broadest sense) is a very powerful phenomenon that, through stimuli, generates the totalitarian desire to buy and buy. Let's take that to the totality of the life of the 21st century subject. And we understand why we live the way we live. We vote how we vote. We hurt as we hurt.
Reflective thinking was reduced to the realm of boredom. We don't ask questions but we give answers. Everyone gives answers. Because the stimuli are constant: then there is no time to think. We are Homo Respondendi (less and less sapiens), the subject of constant responses without prior reflection.

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