The International Women's Day



A few days separate us from the International Women's Day, an orphan day within a year to celebrate women. 


 8 March,  was selected as a special day to celebrate general respect, appreciation and love for women, their economic, political and social achievements.

the International Women's Day, a deep meaning and attention to honor each female , to pay homage to all women, halves of society, the soul mates of men and the main pillar of the family.

For me, a single day is not enough to admit the role of women in the lives of men, regarding their importance in life, their contribution to progress, their part in construction and education of the future generations. 

The woman was able to enjoy her civil rights, to forge her place in the world of men and to acquire a fairly significant equality with the man, but that is not the problem, as long as she can excel in all the jobs or almost. The real problem of women is no longer, from now on, a question of civil, intellectual, social or economic rights, it is rather their situation within the family framework, with parents or spouse.


Indeed, according to a number of statistics, women are still subject to all forms of violence, whether verbal or physical, according to a study, 736 million women, or nearly one in three, have suffered at least once physical or sexual violence by an intimate partner without taking into account sexual harassment, especially since the rate is unfortunately increasing.


What rights are we talking about if the woman still suffers abuse within her own family or within public institutions or even in the streets?!!!!!!

The ignorance of this violence and the silence that followed further reinforces the marginalization of women, and their exclusions from many areas where men still remain absolute masters despite the brilliance and transcendence of the weaker sex, female.


Fear is also a predominant factor that leaves the woman to live in her ordeals silent, without taking measures capable of protecting her against violence and saving her from a life more or less of slavery.


We are faced with a situation of which we can say at the very least, a shame for humanity, for the man and for the woman in the first place of course. A man should not brag about his virility while he abuses his partner or the woman under any civil title, or remain silent while witnessing a woman undergoing some kind of violence before his eyes without lifting the little finger. .

Dear man, woman is born from your side to be loved and cherished, protected and pampered. God created woman especially to be your companion, your friend, and your spouse, she is the source of love that never dries up, and the heart that gives without waiting for the return and the arms that support you in  difficult times during life, in the worst and the best, in joy and sadness, in health and illness.

Dear man, if you love your mother and if you adore your sister and if you pamper your daughter, you are called to respect the woman whatever her position or stature was . Respect is the least right that a woman should receive within home or any other organism .

The woman doesn't need so many things to be fulfilled, just love, attention and respect, a mutual respect that leaves the course of the relationship cursive and easy to live with. The woman is not as  complicated as so many men claim, this complexity that they see in her, it is them who have sown it by their lack of respect, recognition, attention and comprehension. Woman is like a flower, she needs watering to flourish and watering is just limited to a sweet word and, a touch of tenderness, no less no more..

Many people have written on this theme, on women, their rights and their opinions on the development of the status of women over time, however, few have emphasized the deep wish of a woman regardless of her intellectual position , social or otherwise. As a girl, I admit that we women, nothing impresses us more than a man who treats us like his darling daughter, his beloved wife, his faithful friend and his companion in life with love, attention, gratitude, respect and esteem.

A Woman feels fulfilled when her spouse puts her in his heart, listens carefully when she needs to talk, loves her when she feels lost and frustrated, and reassures her when she needs to feel safe. The woman always remains this little girl who needs her daddy. 

The International Women's Day always turns on the status quo without taking into account the status of the heart and the feelings of which the woman will always remain the main source and the natural origin of unconditional love for the man himself, and for the whole family which is completed only  under the wings of the feminine existence.

This is only a small attention for the occasion of the upcoming International women's day, just my modest impressions left arbitrarily during an inspiration flashed in my mind confusing with so many questions and interrogations on the subjects of the woman and her presumed rights .


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