Strange symbology

know, as soon as possible, that the rain is just rain.
that what happens in the sea is what happens in the sea.
that what took sheet metal from metaphor is just sheet metal, today,
because tomorrow it will be rust. and the latter is what it is.
and that it will cease to be. everything has an exquisite prudence:
but the voyeurist, the thinker, the exegete or the fortune teller
it assigns strange symbology to what is only casual.
It is by chance that you have stopped at this verbiage
It's coincidental that you've had time to do it.
the words, the loves, the turtles are what they are and not something else.
In addition to being we demand that they speak and say things,
What fault are the traces of the weight with which they were forged?
the rain is rain and hardly reaches to be it.
everything we do is only an attempt, a waste of optimism.
only oblivion has its mythologies, and ignores it.

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A veces leo.

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