Are you going to start a poetry workshop?
So that? for what purpose?
Do you think writing poems is something important?
Or funny? Sophisticated?
Walking all day looking without seeing
enjoying without enjoying
want to go home to lock yourself up to write
a decent line
while outside the sun and life are lost:
is that what you want?
Do you want to express your most intimate emotions?
do it. Language reaches and exceeds.
Look: if I say bread, I name the bread.
If I say marble light green apple people
Do you get me. Why complicate the language?
Do you want a cool group to make friends?
Take a macrame course, it's more useful.
What do I know, put on a kiosk and get
customer friend.
What you are really looking for is to fall in love
and as an excuse we put the poem?
You go to a bad port for love
the poet only loves what is language
and when true love appears
he doesn't see it even though he is a fluorescent cow.
Do you have money and time left over?
Do swimming, horse riding, learn piano.
What do you look for in poetry?
What can't you find in your own home?
Go to the water bikes of the forest,
visit the Cathedral, sign up in cloth,
paint pots, read the bible,
I don't know. It does not enter my head
for a mortal to enter of his own free will
to the monster's castle

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A veces leo.

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