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Publish0x : My Little Remarks On The Platform



Since I started writing on publish0x, I always read comments on articles, not only mines, but most of the platform's writers' articles. I like to comment on other people's articles, not out of love for commenting, but for supporting friends, exchanging opinions, and learning about new informations with different points of view .

According to my readings on publish0x, I noticed that the majority of writers do not comment, or even  take time to reply to commentators, they seem only  satisfied with tipping, as if the matter does not exceed the material profit.


I know that commenting remains a personal freedom for each of us, but I consider it as important as tipping and hitting likes, for several reasons.

First, commenting gives us a strong motivation to continue writing and reinforce one's self-confidence . Secondly, through commenting, we can identify our shortcomings and try to fill in the spaces we complain about. Thirdly, it is necessary to interact and create debates about the sharings.

Actually, comments are like a written discussion between the writer and the reader, and it is considered a bridge to build a kind of human relationship at distance. On the other hand, I noticed the rudeness of some commentators who comment just to attack or underestimate some writings . Another remark triggered my attention, some of the publish0x community choose to disable the comments refusing any kind of critics. I give them the right because it avoid them any kind of verbal altercation which usually occurs and sometimes, leads definitely to a block between  both parties ie: writer and reader. I want to emphasize here the famous proverb  : difference of opinions does not spoil amity. In fact, difference is  needed to open up on all civilizations and points of view to broaden our knowledgeable horizons not to boast before the others. 

At the beginning of joining publish0x , I personally faced a lot of harsh comments, but I dealt with them with blue blood.


I accept  comments, but I do not accept that anyone mocks me or underestimate my efforts. Each one on this platform has special characteristics of his own  in writing, as well as shortcomings. We are still learning and improving, and we are still in the process of self-building in thought, writing, and presenting our humble opinions. Brief, most of us are potential writers or just amateurs . 


There are two other notes that I would like to mention in this regard. Most times I give the reader a tip but it does not show up . I wonder if it takes time for the tip to appear or if it does not count?! The second thing that draws my attention is that some writers deserve to be read and followed, but I see that they have little chance of gaining the reader’s satisfaction or curiosity , while others are always receiving support, remarking, by the way, that many writers disappeared for no longer seeing their articles . I wonder if there are other considerations other than writing that gives importance to following any writer, regardless of the topics he showcases or views he points out?!.

Furthermore, I wish also that publish0x would give the opportunity to tip several times so that we can grant support to writers as much as possible, well, between brackets, this is just a suggestion emanating from my heart to back up each other, but the last decision is the publish0x's anyway. 


Dear publish0xers, there are characteristics that distinguish the real writer, including psychological characteristics, technical, aesthetic and ethical standards that he adheres to. A writer is a person with  noble feelings that makes him or her behave nicely even in the worst situation. 

To conclude, my last message to both readers and writers, you don't need to put a dislike but if that makes you feel better, no problem , though it won't benefit  you neither the writer. Everyone knows that whether commenting or likes don't  earn anything. Let us be more civilized and mature, let's deal at least with our humanity and respect towards each other , read each other regardless any kind of difference and even if one of us made a mistake or error in information or writing an incorrect word or opinion, we should not derogate, ignore or ridicule him/her because to err is human. 

At last I like to record my gratitude to publish0x, becomes an interesting platform to meet different nations and civilizations, it offers us the opportunity to open on others, if not to be a brilliant author at least to be a good knowledgeable reader and a kind human. 


Thanks for taking time to read. 


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I am a graduate from university, love reading, writing and translation. I love books and everything related to knowledge.

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