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Pauper To Millionaire In Less Than Two Years

Popularization of cryptocurrency has produced much more billionaires than those who were there before. Cryotocurrency is a king maker.  Any pauper can cash in the new wave. 


Bitcoin,  the leading cryptocurrency coin in the world with more than $450 billion dollars by February, has created more billionaires than any other existing coin.  This statement does not underrate the other coins which is able to make millionaires too.  Mark this space,  you are likely to be among this New group. 

Top Cryptocurrency Billionaires Made By Bitcoin. 

  • Changpeng Zhao $4.5 billion by February 2023.
  • Song worth $3.7 billion.
    Brian Armstrong net worth $2.7 billion by February 2023.
  • Jed McCaleb net worth 2.4 billion after stealing $460 million.
  • Chris Larsen net worth 2.2 billion.
  • Michael Saylor.

How Then Do We Earn from Cryptocurrency? 

Achievement of becoming a millionaire and even a billionaire in less than 2 years is by doing few activities. While these activities are foolproof,  one should still be courteous as he undertakes the activities.  Learn thoroughly in order to earn. 

  • Mining.  There seems to be new and old coins which one can mine.  As we advance in technology and lean more to web 3.0 , there are coins which one can mine even on the phone.  Future millionaires are cashing on mining technology and reap exorbitantly.   
  • Investing. Investment is another great factor.  One cannot earn big without investing big.  Investment can even be made through borrowing.  There are lenders outside there ready to lend you at a profit.  Some lenders need no collateral and just need you to hold the lend money in the site as you draw and reinvest profits. 
  • Trading.  You cannot grow your money unless you trade.  Often study the trading signals so as to buy when low and sell when high.  Trading big will earn you big too. 
  • One can stake their crypto.  Staking is when you lock crypto assets for a set period of time to help support the operation of a blockchain. In return for staking your crypto, you earn more cryptocurrency. Many blockchains use a proof of stake consensus mechanism. You can also lend crypto at a profit but beware of phishing and scammers.  They are galore in the crypto world. 
  • Participate in airdrops. Airdrops giveaway much money which you can invest.  Forks are also necessary. 


Next we need strategies of becoming millionaires. 

  • Scalping.  Scalping is a trading style that specializes in profiting off of small price changes and making a fast profit off reselling. In day trading, scalping is a term for a strategy to prioritize making high volumes off small profits.
  • Range Trading. Range trading is an active investing strategy that identifies a range at which the investor buys and sells at over a short period. For example, a stock is trading at $55 and you believe it is going to rise to $65, then trade in a range between $55 and $65 over the next several weeks.
  • High Frequency Trading. High-frequency trading (HFT) is an automated trading platform that large investment banks, hedge funds, and institutional investors employ. It uses powerful computers to transact a large number of orders at extremely high speeds.
  • Dollar-cost Averaging. Dollar-cost averaging involves investing the same amount of money in a target security at regular intervals over a certain period of time, regardless of price. By using dollar-cost averaging, investors may lower their average cost per share and reduce the impact of volatility on the their portfolios.
  • Day trading. This trading strategy involves taking positions and exiting on the same day.
  • Do research thoroughly well.  A person who knows his way well never gets lost. 

The information here is for blogging purposes only.  The writer is not an expert on investment. 


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