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Has moved

Yesterday we made the fire
burning everything that was
and that our remains
go up in smoke
after the flame
don't sleep
the night
watching the fire
of burning wood
And the embers crackle
and they fall black
dead stars
like ourselves
looking at us
eight minutes and twenty seconds
when we weren't fire
When we hadn't fallen apart
and turned to ash
live now
on earth
Has moved
to the radiant walls,
cloud free
perches on the roofs,
is introduced
in the cracks of the earth
looking for the center;
play in the jaws
of a lion
now proud of his bones
that daily
is polishing
that great sculptor,
always search
what inhabits the center
of the meats
and then he withers them
he degrades them
the earth is full
of bone sculptures
that the water has gone,
the winds rest
the vegetation
it's a lost memory
through the cranial cavities
unable to keep them
the skulls laugh
without reason
and the two
that devoured everything
the two who treasured
half of the earth's resources
they pose for the sun,
one in his house
of a large gated community
the other
in his miami
both sitting
coincidentally equal:
crossed femurs
with their whiskey glasses
lovingly held
by the distal and medial phalanges
of the index, middle and thumb fingers

the sun will follow them
converting them
for cracks.

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A veces leo.

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