A Word To Parents

Schools need identification of your child's school items. Quite a fantastic gesture to curb theft of items. Some use admission numbers. We write them inside their clothes or outside for all and sundry to see. Some hide them in the inside of the clothes. It is good too.

In some institutions the identification uses true names of the learners. Therefore you will find a shirt or shorts written with a tag, 'John Fox.' Each Dick and Harry is now accessible to your child's name. The institutes name is on the school badge or at times we just know which uniform is for which institution. 

If the name tags are hidden, the better but if displayed on the outside then there is a danger. Kidnappers are lurking in dark alleys ready to pounce on your beloved child. Some are after ransom while others seek body parts to sell in markets or use them in rituals.

Parents should be mindful of this fact and therefore protect their children against such heinous acts. Do not just lay your child vulnerable to bad people.

 The kidnappers will approach your child calling them by names. Admission numbers can easily fetch the identification of the child even at the gate we should be wary of such.

Protect your kid and treat him or her as the best gem you have.

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