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8 Motivational Points On How To Navigate Your Life To Fullness


Most people in the world today live in self denial and blame themselves to have not achieved their potentiality in life. They compare themselves with their age mates, school mates, colleagues at work and their neighbours and find themselves to fall short in their misinformed judgement. 

Life is a journey with tiny steps to make towards the big picture.  Learn to take one thing at a time as you progress to move towards full fulfillment of yourself. 

"Rome was not built in a day." 

8 Points Towards Self Fulfillment 

  • In life,  learn that there are no two people who have interwoven lives.  Each person lives as a single entity and achieve things differently. Learn from babies.  There are majority who are born at nine months while others may be born prematurely. There are those born of C. S and others normally.  Some babies have prolonged Labour yet others have short Labour. Some children crawl at a lesser time while others take ages.  Still some babies skip other stages.  Yet finally they grow into fine grownups.  You are a living example of these. Remember we grow differently and also adopt to life differently. Never try to compare yourself with anybody.  You are you!  The Joneses and Hurrys of these world have others above them too. 
  • Take life one step at a time.  There is no need to try to absorb everything in one great sweep. Babies do this too.  They normally take one step at a time and rejoice at every step they take. Make a goal or goals.  The big goal should guide you to make smaller goals that culminate in the bigger goal. A breakdown into hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and annual goals will do fine. 
  • Learn to accommodate some flaws in your plans.  No human being is perfect and so are you.  Why fret over some mistakes you made here or there?                                         "Error is to man" Great inventors made a heap of errors too.  Yet at some time they succeeded. 
  • Manage your time we'll.  Successful people are good time managers.  Time is one thing which every living person was given equally by God.  We have 24 hours in a day to do our work.  Each hour has 60 0minutes and each minute has 60 seconds for all people.  Waste yours and as it goes,  time wasted will never be recovered.  Time flies very fast with you as the pilot.  Manage your time well.
  • Be prudent in your spending.  Always be in the saving habit.  Put something aside for a rainy day.  Invest thoroughly to be able to reap profits.  Always walk with the ear to the ground.  Grab at any opportunity that comes your way either to make money or to make a millionaire. 
  • Love God. Sometimes we feel we can manage alone without God.  Yes we can but God is like the control tower of our lives.  The way a pilot seeks directions from the control tower,  we also seek direction from God.  Actually we should have somebody to confide our secrets in.  Some people confide in friends who also have problems of themselves.  Other friends get a topic to discuss with others and yet others laugh and mock you.  God will listen and act.  He will never laugh or tell on you. Pay your tithes to church too.  It is the key to open closed doors and an insurance to your property. 
  • As you climb,  go up with others.  Complete fulfillment comes when you have helped others come up. The essence of becoming happy is by making others happy.  If you laugh, others laugh with you and if you cry, others cry with you. Africans believe that I live because we live and because we live,  I function.  No man is an island. 
  • Embrace resting from work periodically.  You are not a machine and even machines, like computers get tired.  Take time off your work and relax.  Go on holiday or take hikes.  Jog or get involved in exercises.  You body needs relaxation and exercise. The Bible says,                                                         "What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and finally perishes? Mark 8:34-35. I put it differently.  What does it profit you to gain much success and finally suffer from diseases and die?  Take time off. 

So these are the 8 points into fulfillment in life.  There are more points but these will help you. Thank you for reading. 

Do not hesitate to read,  like,  tip and comment for support. 

"I love you all"

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