5 Reasons Why I Would Love To Know All The PublishOxers Who Tipped Me.


Knowing your benefactors is not bad after all.  People who do you good should be known so that you realized those who love you. 

I pass my gratitude and appreciation to all those who have tipped me since I joined PublishOx. My utmost wish is you flourish in all aspects of life.  You made my life here on PublishOx worthwhile. 

Here are five reasons why I should know who tipped me:

  • To know the good Samaritan. Actually one needs to love in order to give.  These people loved my writings and so gave me their vote.  Being unanimous is unwarranted. Knowing them even without saying a 'thank you' is appreciative.  Yet I  want to thank them. 
  • To reciprocate.  A good turn deserves another.  Some good posts we often tip are of people who do not tip us whatever quality we write.  There are people who may tend to tip others huge tips because they know each other.  Others are just minnows in a whale world. 
  • To keep record. We should keep records of good deeds.  The record may help us understand the type of traffic who love which type of content.  I am a poet and would like to know who loves this genre.  I also like funny articles and those about cryptography.  Keeping a record will make me know how to develop my articles. 
  • Fun.  It is fun to know your frequent readers.  Often there are certain people who do not miss your articles.  They follow always as if they keep track. 
  • To know whether Followers are important. Maybe to follow and be followed is not that important.  We should know these people who tip us to gauge this. 

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Great Posts And Articles By Great Authors
Great Posts And Articles By Great Authors

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