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Where to stake Zil for profits and secure with Ledger?

By LillyLane | New Normal | 20 Jul 2022


      Hello fellow publisherX0'ers, Crypto Fam.…  Been a long time since I wrote an article on my favorite publishing crypto fam blog, as I have been out in the field on Covid-19 vaccination duty for past 2 years.  Now, I have time to read up on what I've missed in the crypto world.  With all the hoopla about trading platforms going out of business, I've been on a mission to lower my risk exposure by getting more crypto off of exchanges and onto my Ledger Nano X.


     Zil staking, so many options and all the answers point to everywhere.  My consensus says, everyone has their personnel preference.  After hours of studying/reading best way to secure my Zil coin with Ledger, I've narrowed my search to a few.


       Most people are talking about moonlet pay, zil pay, and Atom. I wanted to try Atomic, since I had it already downloaded.  What turned me off about Atomic wallet?  When I clicked on staking, I got a message pop up saying something like "Due to abuse of the rewards program all staking is temporarily shut down", also the message said something like "we may need to set up a verification system."  That set up red flags, maybe Atomic Wallet will have to do KYC, and like many other Crypto maniacs, I'm not to found of KYC.  Especially just for staking one coin.


     My search always begins with where/how to stake coins via Ledger, that's my first criteria.  Finally, I decided to go with as a test.  I sent some zil to zillet with enough left over if I have to un-stake or send my zill somewhere else.  Works very well so far with Ledger, you can follow the instructions on  Another thing that I try to avoid is setting up 100 wallets just to stake for some extra.  Hopefully Ledger or a better hardware wallet company will have more options in the future for coins and staking w/o 3rd entities or charge you more than a 3rd party would.   So I searched high and low for wallets that could stake other coins I might want to. connects you to the zill blockchain, you don't have to download anything, or download any extensions.  I found that to be simple and convenient. Ledger will generate a  key and when ever you want to check your zil, just go to website, go to the site, turn on  ledger, click connect and you're automatically signed into your account.


      In conclusion, I wanted somewhere to stake my zil with extra profit that also keeps your zil secure via Ledger. Those are my 2 criteria I like when it comes to staking, Ledger and the most secure, also walett's that have been around for awhile. It hasn't been 24 hours yet, we will see how much and/or fast it is to see my first staking rewards.  I'm going to test run this for a week or so and report back.  I've never staked this way with Ledger, just by going straight through a website, but the feedback I read and from official zil web site, seems legit place to stake Zil.  The fee's are quite high for staking, unstacking.  Imagine if zill was $100 or so in the future, that would hurt and probably will stop staking at that point. I might try other places for zil, but I spent sooo much time looking for a secure way to stake via Ledger. I'm not an affiliate or spammer for  Use at your own caution, I'm not a professional and don't take anyone's advise on the internet.  Too many scams out there, and that's what I like being part of a Crypto family and always check on publish0x for second opinions.  Mainly people are down to earth and tell it how it is, straight to the point.


In the mean time I also have some zil staked on Kucoin, which pays a decent 11% Est APR. (on which you can keep compounding every time you hit the minimum amount to stake which is 300 zil or you can redeem Zil how often you like and subscribe again with your gains), zillet pay's 14% Avg. APY ( I just began staking and have yet to find out how much/how often I can compound the stake earned).  I prefer to be able to compound as much as I want and not locked to only restaking every period.  The frequency on how many times I can compound is the winner for me. So far Kucoin is holding up and believe they are a strong exchange that have been in the game for a long time, and have been hacked and fixed years ago when I first started on KuCoin after Binance was forced to shut down USA operations.  Haven't had any problems with KuCoin.  I actually prefer to see if an exchange get's hacked and comes back even stronger, with no loss of funds.  Battle tested platforms is a plus for me.   KuCoin is where I really got into zil staking and zil is doing very well.  I'm a Hodler on this coin.  Kucoin is a great exchange for Newbies and Professionals alike. 

KuCoin is a great place to get started on your Crypto journey.  Easy staking on their platform for testing out some coins they have on a special deal.  After a year or so of staking, and compounding my zil and it's time to take some out the pot and secure them in a wallet.  "Not your keys, Not your Crypto."

The People's Exchange! Sign up here & we both get some free extra crypto!!

The People's Exchange! Sign up here & we both get some free extra crypto!!

Start staking Zil here for 11.14% apr.

If you are interested in staking zil and so much more.  Feel free to click on this Kucoin link and we will both get rewards for free.  Stay tuned, please like this post if you're interested in my Zil staking adventure, and together we can find the best/secure place to stake Zil.  If you would like, I will come back after my staking test and let you know how it went if anyone is interested. I will probably still post my results either way if I find the time, encouragement always helps. Also if you have any feedback on where you stake your Zil, please comment and let me know, I would very much appreciate that.  Until then, be careful out there.  Bull Markets make you rich, Bear Markets make millionaire's.  C'ya later Crypto Fam!




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