Basketball on Neptune?

Is NBA Topshot worth IT?

One of the newest and most successful NFTs on the market is the NBA TopShot Series. As your bold and daring reporter, I began my deep dive into everything NBA TopShot in February 2021. I heard about the new series and as a basketball player and fan, was very interested, but only $40 interested. 

7a0d2b8febe58da24a1f03d87854bae558b9a7569c03bc8c84b66c9c521d727d.gif I have to say after nearly six weeks in action, this NFT is for real and here to stay. Let me breakdown why in my NBA TopShot Wins/Losses table:

*Due to non-table functionality (jpeg) please use these links to view NBA TopShot:

NBA TopShot

Chauncey 187 "Elite Guard Play" Showcase

Rui Hachimura Moment



As you can see from my deep, 6-week dive into NBA's over, I am now a collector. Now, I'm gonna make youy a collector, if this post hits 5000 views, I will give away one of my moments for a random fan that comments their NBA TopShot handle in the comments!!!!!!

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