The pandemic is not just a circus, but a mockery of a person. Don't be fooled by a friend.
Death by ignorance

The pandemic is not just a circus, but a mockery of a person. Don't be fooled by a friend.

By NAGUAL IGOR | New monetary world | 21 Oct 2021

I noticed that all the posts here are mainly about money. But I cannot touch on the topic of the pandemic. A pseudo pandemic to be precise!
I do not know if the mods will miss my post, I hope that they will not prevent me from expressing my opinion and will.

So my dear readers. These individuals that are now in charge of the department hold you at least for idiots.
Or rather, for the dogs. They put muzzles on you, looked if you would snap, and realized what you could do next with slaves.
I am already silent about the fact that what they prick you with. The genome is foreign. This is the destruction of complete immunity, if someone does not know.
And then what do you ask? Then the dogs will be put in the booths.
With this era of consumerism, humanity has completely lost consciousness. Look to the outsiders, to your brethren. What's up with them?
Сompletely devoid of its former greatness. Slaves and more can not be said here.
And if you are reading my post now, I ask you brother, think about my words.
I want you to understand how far this goes.

The problem is that they no longer take into account the opinion of the people, since the people are illiterate.
Everybody was dumbfounded by consumer nonsense. Money and profit. You don't remember at all who you are and why you came here.
I myself personally had to clear my mind of debris and this action took me half my life. But now I can see the meanings and truth of being.

If you feel something like that and there is a feeling in your soul, then join me. Together we can change something. Do not become dogs on a leash with high families.
We and our brethren already have plans to get out of this hell. We need people who can think. People, not robots. Do you understand what I am a friend about?
Don't let yourself be fooled, don't let them plant the beast in you. Let this vaccine be injected for themselves and their children, and they will leave us alone.
I really hope that there will be understanding people. Join my blog, read the information will be the sea. For those who are not indifferent, write to us, we are ready to unite and repulse these tyrants. With love and peace to all, your nagual Igor.

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Я приведу вас к свободе.

New monetary world
New monetary world

In my blog I will tell you about the transition to the new world order. Having the ability to look from a height, we will describe a clear picture for understanding the masses.

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