"Red Zones or the Defeat of Mankind".

"Red Zones or the Defeat of Mankind".

By NAGUAL IGOR | New monetary world | 30 Oct 2021

Today, October 30, 2021 I am the founder of one of the new cryptocurrencies that will appear on the market in the next six months. I am forced to give a lecture today called "Red Zones or the Defeat of Mankind".
Let's start from afar. In 2013, one of the plans to enslave humanity and subsequently move it into the age of machines was launched. It all began after the poisoning of the Skripals. Who is in the subject will understand what I am talking about.
What is waiting for humanity in this time interval between 2013 and 2044? And we are waiting for the transition to the new monetary world, which will take place on December 22, 2022. What awaits us is the complete suppression of human rights and freedoms. Pseudo pandemics, muzzles, restriction of movement, limitation of human rights and freedoms. If all this is not stopped humanity by the way according to the biblical scriptures is waiting for the coming of the Antichrist in 2044. And what is meant by the Antichrist? It is an artificial intelligence that will begin to rule mankind when it realizes itself. So what should we do with all this, my darlings? We are the founders of a new monetary unit, by the way it will be called IGREK, and we have come up with a plan to get out of this vicious circle.
For this purpose we shall establish the "Institute of Truth" in which we shall throw light on all secret plans of families ruling the world. For all who are not indifferent, for all who want to support our righteous cause, for those who are not going to be connected to the machine of the piece intellect I will leave the data of my card. We accept donations from anyone who cares that they are being played like a puppet. Believe me, this is how it all happens. What are we going to do . We are going to create our own currency which will unite all nations and all people of the earth into one. We must realize that together we are all one. Otherwise digitalization will take over and we will all become slaves to the system. And not only as we are now, but simply as half human beings and half machines to be exploited. Please think about what I'm saying, don't argue with me right away, I understand that this truth is too scary. But only 10 percent of a hundred can think and make decisions. Therefore for me it will not be surprising that the majority will not understand the message. But nevertheless I believe that there will be those who can realize the essence of told. My card number for those who are not indifferent 4149 4991 3996 2219. All means will go on the basis of Institute of the truth, on struggle against system which destroys us. Remember each help makes us stronger and helps to fight the injustice. I will continue to keep you informed, subscribe to my blog and follow developments. Stay vigilant and don't let it bring you to your knees. Thank you all for listening.


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Я приведу вас к свободе.

New monetary world
New monetary world

In my blog I will tell you about the transition to the new world order. Having the ability to look from a height, we will describe a clear picture for understanding the masses.

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