KNEO ambitious new project

KNEO ambitious new project

By AWANKASH | New in Cryptocurrency | 17 Jul 2020

AI (Artificial Intelligence specialist Kneron announced the launch of KNEO platform this yesterday 16th of July.

The idea of this project, in a nutshell, is to create digital assets out of personal data. This time you actually own your own data and can choose to sell or trade it out to corporations. This blockchain project connects sensors to create a private network of your cameras, microphones, and other sensors. This is processed locally (and encrypted) so your data is not sent anywhere to be processed.


"KNEO is a private mesh intelligence network made up of Kneron powered devices that will personalize mobile AI for everyone, just as smartphones and mobile apps personalized mobile computing for all. It will create an open platform for AI application developers to build AI apps based on mainstream AI frameworks and models for consumers and businesses who use KNEO."

They aim to create a marketplace to sell custom apps and collected data. Owning your own date (instead of Facebook or Google owning it) could be a huge trend in the future.

So as an example your fridge sensor and doctor's notes can help your shopping. Or maybe your car's information can be traded for a cheaper insurance policy. 


Education is key KNEO will also form a core part of AI education in universities. Major universities in the United States, Taiwan and Hong Kong already use Kneron’s technology in courses on AI development.



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