Earn LBC for Watching Videos!

Hey guys, it's Andy again. I'm back with another way to earn crypto by watching videos. 

The website we're going to be using is called lbry.tv. It rewards you for watching and posting videos with LBC, its currency. As I write this, LBC is around $0.03. Feel free to do more background research on it, if you wish.

This is the link to it: https://lbry.tv/$/invite/@RedDragonGaming:9 

By using my link, you are entitled to a 5 LBC bonus, right off the bat. However, you do have to be a verified member, meaning that you have to confirm your identity via phone number. This can take some time, so don't be worried if you aren't instantly allowed into the rewards program. 

After you've gotten verified, go check out the rewards section. You can get extra LBC by watching videos everyday, following content creators, posting your own content, and inviting people, as well!

This website is similar to YouTube and Hideout.TV in the video aspect, but unlike those two, you aren't rewarded for watching ads. You're solely rewarded for your activity on the site. 

Have any more websites to earn different cryptocurrencies with? Let me know in the comment section!




(sorry this article was a little short; there's not much to explain)

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New Crypto Earning Opportunities
New Crypto Earning Opportunities

I'll just be posting apps/websites that I recommend to make crypto.

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