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Matrixport: Guarantee Winning Trades with options Simplifed!

Do you want to accumulate BTC while waiting for your target prices to be hit? 

I discover Matrixport can help us to do that and it is owned by Ji Han Wu, Co-founder of Bitmain. 

I did my research and tried trading on it to see how much I can make with $700. It is easy, and the entire process is so simple. They build it for laymen with no financial knowledge. Every step is explained with simple English and return is calculated for you instantly.  

So, here is my review and I hope you will also be able to accumulate more BTC.

Before I share how it works, let's look at the most important factors:

1. Ownership

Since we will send our precious BTC and USDC to this platform, we must make sure it is owned by a reputable company with deep pockets and good technology to safeguard our assets. 

bitmain launch matrixport It's owned by Billionaire, cofounder of Bitmain Tech Ji Han Wu. So, I feel safe. 

2. Technology

Assets are safeguarded in Cactus Custody which is also owned by Bitmain. They deal with billions of assets with big miners, OTC desk etc. 

So, we know the chance of being hack is low. According to their website, they have;

  • Their features includes :
  • Industry’s highest grade HSMs: FIPS 140-2 Level 3 or above
  • System security design follows the industry best practice
  • Bank vault grade data centers
  • Multi-sig mechanism among vaults located across three continents
  • Dual-center high availability
  • Ultimate remote disaster recovery

3. Regulation

They are regulated ;
- HK Trust company (Full trust), making it a qualified custodian.
By definition, a trust company is a separate corporate entity owned by a bank or other financial institution, law firm, or independent partnership. Its function is to manage truststrust funds, and estates for individuals, businesses, and other entities.

- Swiss Finma SRO

Self-regulatory organisations (SROs)
The Anti-Money Laundering Act states that financial intermediaries must become members of a self-regulatory organisation (SRO) under civil law as a way of preventing money laundering.

I understand that they will also get more licence to ensure they get to the good books of the laws. This is crucial for long term operation. 

4. Fees and Withdrawal

Withdrawal fee is 0.0005 BTC (less than USD$5 if BTC at USD$10,000) is reasonable.
And Minimum withdrawal is 0.01 BTC. 

To redraw, they make sure I key in more ways to identify myself. So, this prevents hacking. Even though it is troublesome, I guess it's good to safeguard our assets. Just make sure you remember your FUND PASSWORD as you will need it for withdrawal. 

Next, depending on your trading volume, take note that there are 3 levels of verification that restricts the daily withdrawal. I request at about 11 pm, took about 12hours to reach my wallet. 

Level 1: $1000/day (just fill in info).  

Level 2: $50,000/day  (submit proof of address).

Level 3: $600,000/day (I can't see, but most prob, your ID)

5. How it works

They have a few products to help us earn BTC. The best product I feel is Dual Currency. Which is a sure-win product. Therefore, I will talk about his product on this blog. I will assume BTC is USD$10,000 to calculate the returns to give you a feel of the profit. 

You get paid either in MORE BTC or MORE USDC 

Before you do anything, you can deposit USDC or Bitcoin into the wallet. Let us assume we have Bitcoin.  The support supports popular coins like BTC, USDT, USDC, ETH, LTC, etc. 

Select Dual Currency- BTC

5.1 Dual Currency - BTC

Minimum investment at 0.001.

For BTC dual currency products, the Investment Currency is BTC - i.e. you purchase the product with BTC.
The Settlement Currency could be either BTC or USDC(stablecoin pegged to USD$1) ,Means:

If the Settlement Price is higher than the Linked Price(strike price on the contract), you will receive the return in BTC;

if the Settlement Price is lower than the Linked Price, you will receive the return in USDC.

Either way, you will receive MORE BTC or MORE USDC. Assume, I invest 1 BTC.

dual currency

Step 1: Choose a yield and risk you like.   For me, my purpose is to accumulate BTC.

The higher the linked price (similar to strike price)  and longer the expiry days, the lower the yield as your risk is lower and return is higher with a higher linked price. 

Therefore, I will select a price that I am willing to SELL rather than just looking at the yield. With the below contract, it says I will like to buy BTC at $10,500 if it hits 30mins before the expiry date and time 4pm on May 22. 


Step 2: Click Invest Now (the first timer will be prompt to answer 3 questions to ensure you know what you are doing)

Step 3: Input the amount you wish to invest. 

Here, If I choose this contract. Within 7 days, the price of BTC hits
- higher than $10,500, I will receive 1.007 BTC. Which is a profit of 0.007 (USD$700) OR 

Formular: Receives 1*(1+0.7%) =1.007% BTC.


- If BTC price hits Lower than $10,500, I will receive 10573.5 USDC (profit of $573.50)

10,500 + 10,500 *0.007 = USD10,573.5

You may ask why is it so good.

The reason is we are giving up the upside.  If BTC shoots to $15,000. You could have earn let us say $5000. 

For, me I prefer to have sure win and trade more. 

LOOK at the Yield to know your return. The Annualized Yield takes into consideration the days to expiry. 

ASSUME: 7 days later, BTC really went up to $10,500. I would receive  $10,543 USDC.  We can then look at Dual Currency- USDC contracts.


5.2 Dual Currency - USDC

Same thing but the reverse. The minimum investment is  $100 USDC


1. Select the price of the BTC that you are willing to BUY BTC. 

Assume I Invest: 10,000 USDC


Expiry on 2020-05-22 (6 days) at Yield 0.45%

If price of the BTC hits LESS than the Linked Price $8,000, I will receive 1.256 BTC. ( which is great, cos I sold BTC at 10500 earlier and buy it at $8000)

10,000/8,000 + 10,000/8,000*0.45% = 1.255625 BTC (instead of the original 1BTC, I have .0256626BTC ( $2,566)


If price of BTC hit more than the linked price  $8,000, I will receive 10,045 USDC (which means I make $45)

10,000 + 0.45%*10,000 = 10,045 USDC.


As you can see, you will always have more Bitcoin OR USDC. 


Some Definition :

Annualized Yield is calculated as the equivalent annual return you get if you continue purchasing this product with the given yield for a whole year. Its calculation formula is: Annualized Yield = Yield / (Expiry Date - Today) * 365

Linked Price is a benchmark price. On Expiry Day, the Settlement Price will be compared against this benchmark price. If the Settlement Price is below the Linked Price, the product will be settled in Investment Currency (i.e. BTC in this case); otherwise, it will be settled in USDC.

Settlement Price is the average of the Settlement Index in the last 30 minutes before 16:00 (UTC+8) on Expiry Date. In Singapore that is the average value of settlement price is collected from 3:30-4:00 p.m.

4: 00 is the settlement time,

4: 00-4:30 return time of investment.

NO early redemption.

Settlement Index is derived from seven leading BTC-USD exchanges, including Bittrex, Bitstamp, Coinbase Pro, Gemini, Kraken, Itbit and LMAX Digital.


How to earn More

Based on my test of about 2 weeks, this is what I learnt.

1. I trade both Dual Currency- BTC (DC-BTC)  and DC-USDC at the same time to gain higher yield.

2.Let's compare DCP - BTC and USDC

For example: AT current Price BTC - 

Aggressive DC-BTC near to $9761

 1 day Linked price $9750 383.25% 

Aggressive DC-USDC - $9761 

1 day Linked price $9750 368.65%

The yield of USDC-BTC is higher than USDC-USDC for the same linked price. of $9750.

3. 20% of my investment, I will just input on very aggressive DC-BTC and DC-USDC.

80%, I put further on higher price to sell my BTC at DC-BTC, above 10,000

and less than 9000 on USDC. 

Which ever strikes, I will happy accepted it and then buy back doing the reverse. 

With this, as long as I keep track of the 80% to ensure I buy back at lower price. The return will be higher. 

The 20%, I just interchange buying and selling to collect more USDC and BTC in very small amount. 


Hope you will do well! 

If you like to give it a try, I will appreciate if you can use my referral code:

BTW, this is an abstract from my up-and-coming book New Assets 3.0 - Ride on the Cryptocurrency wave. 
I have also just launched a comics book on what life may be like with Blockchain and Bitcoin


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Karen New wrote the 1st book on cryptocurrency, New Assets and Comic book on Blockchain - Wish I knew, in Singapore. She is also an adjunct lecturer at the Singapore FinTech Association on Crypto Literacy, and an Oxford alumnus.

New Assets 3.0 - Ride on the Cryptocurrency Wave
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