An airdrop event has just appeared on july the 20th, so if you're seeing this now, YOU'RE IN!
simple steps to joining this airdrop, but first, a little insight into what you're getting yourself into.

Based on the information on their website and ANN, i can tell you STAKD will run on the ethereum network, and will be PoS, meaning you can hold and stake your STAKD tokens, not sure how many you need to stake or anything but it'll be interesting regardless, they have an alluring BURN feature, meaning tokens used for certain purchases (see page for utility of token) WILL BE BURNED! 

supply and information are limited but im sure you can learn more by DYOR in the links below!

Official Telegram- https://t.me/stakdtech
Official Twitter - https://twitter.com/StakdToken
Official Github - https://github.com/stakdtech/STAKD-Technologies

Time for the fun stuff !!!!

Official Airdrop form 
(follow all directions) 
very simple 
difficulty level (1-10)/3

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working 9-5, what a way to make a livin.

New Airdrops Exchanges/competitions/ICO,IEO's
New Airdrops Exchanges/competitions/ICO,IEO's

Hello and welcome everyone interested in earning and learning from/through, new and well researched airdrops! I'll do my best to post the latest and verified by me personally! I will not post deceptive information, this is my guarantee !

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