Accredited Investor Definition Updated (not Modernized)

By NewAgeInvestor | New Age Investor | 18 Apr 2021

Somewhat dated information but I found it interesting as it demonstrates the willingness of the SEC to adapt to the reality of the modern financial markets. Given the growing disparity between wealth and social classes, a distinction is clearly needed for more to access these products which have demonstrated to have better return opportunities.

This is more important now if a low (or negative) yielding environment for many investors.   While they call it a modernization, I think it is more of an update only as it still severely limits who can be part of the definition. By adding those that have certifications and academic equivalents is a good first step but can still exclude many that have learned about markets but are not affluent investors. Therefore, the underlying lack of inclusion remains. However, it may be a start of additional considerations for many investors that are seeking alternatives to those that are exposed to the manipulation of large institutions and governmental policies like traditional financial markets are currently under.  


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Investor | Crypto Enthusiast | Applying Modern Finance to Crypto Assets

New Age Investor
New Age Investor

Investor | Crypto Enthusiast | Applying Modern Finance to Crypto Assets

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