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Bitcoin price started to drop since the $48k target was met, Where is it heading to?

Fact:    Bitcoin from 69K to 45K = Bearish

As mentioned earlier, bitcoin reached to its 48k target then started the drop.  It is a perfect head & shoulder pattern set up as seen in a monthly-chart.

My personal view only:   Bitcoin is heading towards to its previous support at $32900.  While on its way down, it is not a bad idea to keep in mind BTC price can all of a sudden jump up to $51-52k simply because we are in the middle of the chart.  However, other than the meaningless price jump, there is one major target we need to watch is the $28k support.  If bitcoin happens to break that support, I can not think of anything else but retesting the 2018 all time high at $19k. 

Even bitcoin seems to be bearish at the moment, I start to see it is actually forming a bullish move in a MUCH larger scale that will shock the world!  

Bitcoin major support 28k


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Crypto by Targets
Crypto by Targets

Only facts in chart - Tell the way as I see w/o sugarcoating. -Check out my newest NFT- https://opensea.io/assets/matic/0x2953399124f0cbb46d2cbacd8a89cf0599974963/64720148783402

Never Underestimate This Drop!  It is NO JOKE!
Never Underestimate This Drop! It is NO JOKE!

After Bitcoin Price goes below $45500 and $42000, we should then expect to see its price breaks below 40k. (Disregard to the meaningless bounces that could happen in between, we will likely to be heading down for the 19k stop (2018 ATH Re-Test) soon or later.

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