Massive Head & Shoulder Pattern!!!

Bitcoin just hit $47,770 - Get ready for the next big move !

Fact:  BTC from 69k to 48k = Bearish

Bitcoin has just hit $47,770 today.  As shown on a 2-Month chart, bitcoin is currently in a perfect head & shoulder setting.  Right now, it is down to 2 options.   For bitcoin to break this head & shoulder pattern it will have to break the previous all time high meaning above $69000, which is very unlikely at this moment.  Anything that goes between $47000 up to $69000 would consider bearish, which it should be very obvious at this point.  So, where will it be heading next?   Even there is a possibility bitcoin price may go up to as much as 57k.     Ultimately, $32900 would be the next stop to retest its previous support   (My personal view only!)   


Big drop is coming


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Crypto by Targets
Crypto by Targets

Only facts in chart - Tell the way as I see w/o sugarcoating. -Check out my newest NFT-

Never Underestimate This Drop!  It is NO JOKE!
Never Underestimate This Drop! It is NO JOKE!

After Bitcoin Price goes below $45500 and $42000, we should then expect to see its price breaks below 40k. (Disregard to the meaningless bounces that could happen in between, we will likely to be heading down for the 19k stop (2018 ATH Re-Test) soon or later.

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