Time for reflection #3

By Shiftrox | Neutral Field | 31 May 2021

Last night I went to a 4 year old birthday of a son of a couple of friends, and it was a really cool thing with everyone having fun and enjoying the moment

We started dancing and then it was even more fun. Everyone there was fine, protecting themselves, there didn't even seem to be pandemic or something. Everyone passing alcohol gel and sending the possible distance to keep

Around midnight, something happened that surprised me a lot. Everyone was near a door on which they said it had no key but for some reason it was locked or stuck. So far so good, got it a drill and were trying to open the door.

The fact that happened that surprised me was that in a moment, the grandfather of the boy who was having a birthday and his uncle (in this case, a father and son), began to argue with names on their faces, cursing and a lot of anger on both sides. Everyone trying to calm things down and even the grandfather's brother said "are you going to ruin everything for a door?"

There were moments of terror, there were several children at the party, and they all stayed in a corner, some crying others holding back tears. It was something that is even difficult to explain. A door that "bugged" and the end of the party birthday of a child because of a family fight.

I think sometimes we have to be calm about things and think about it, whether it will involve drinking or not. The set that I described was bizarre, I honestly thought there was going to be something worse like a father killing his son or vice versa on account of a door!!! something you can change or fix without any effort.

Adults usually complain about life, difficulties, but promoting something like that on a birthday of a 4-year-old child? it was one of the saddest things I saw in my life. Children are joy, they are light and innocence, I think none of them deserve what I saw with my eyes.

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