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By Shiftrox | Neutral Field | 23 Jun 2021

What is your opinion about remote work?

In this period of pandemic, a new style of work has grown a lot, which is remote work. In this modality you basically exercise your home work or from some other safe place, where there is no agglomeration for your safety and your family.

I went through this experience and that's what I'm going to report for you here. My account is very personal, has no scientific base or something, just a daily experience I had.

I started working remote in the month of March 2020 and went until 06/18/2021 remote work. In the first few months at home working my income was a little below normal, after all it was a new experience, staying at home close to my family (wife and 1 couple of children), try not to be idle, resist the temptations of "staying Good" and pretend that I was working, energy or internet problems from my house, among so many others.

After a few months, I adapted my place of work that was very comfortable, had already explained to my children that Dad was at home but was working, my income was the same or even better than the face-to-face, because I was happy! That's right, a happy employee, so I was happy to work from home, yielding well, doing my service, making my calls, delivering system versions, analyzing database, etc. I work as a programmer for 10 years, unfortunately the company where I work is small to medium size, I say that because we already have 15 employees, today we are 4 employees and 2 more "bosses" that are partners. I will not go into detail about my environment because it is not the focus.

Well, past this time at home, which was very good, because I could wake up later, finished my afternoon service I could already do something with my children or wife, take a shower and rest or anything leisure, because I I was already at home, I did not need to get around and face a chaotic transit of big city. As informed at the beginning of the text, the news came from that I should go back to face-to-face ... and how can I say, "My world has fallen". I had an anxiety crisis, because I did not want to go back, my family was not vaccinated, the fear of dying is enormous, but mostly I would stay away from my children.

I spent the weekend with a huge anxiety, I do not even know how I got to sleep, because in the course of the day I was walking from one side to the other, stirring with my hands without stopping, drinking water without stopping and going in the bathroom without stopping too. The most boring was that I had to avoid my children a bit, because I could not look at them, if I looked at me. It was a horrible feeling, something I do not want for anyone.

Trying to finish not to leave the text too long, the reasons to go face-to-face were stellis, practically everything I'm doing here could be doing home, no problem. I would avoid all I described in the lines above, without pressure, safely and close to the people I love so much. With that I ask the question again: What do you guys think about remote work? Is it impossible in today's world working this way? Will it be for some types of professions in specific, as my programmer who is on the computer 100% of the time could not be opened an exception? Boss just believe that the employee works if they are seeing them in person? And the calls solved? And the "final product" coming every day, is not the proof that I really are working?

I can only say we have to be careful. We need a job, a job, a "bread wins", but should this prevail above all else? Above a deadly pandemic? Above the family? Well I think the answer is no, but unfortunately I'm just an employee, my remote experience was wonderful and I hope one day I can go back to her, because what looked impossible, became mega possible and with high income, because I was happy , I was a living proof of the slogan "Happy employee yields more". This is my account my friends, I hope you can reflect, be an employee or "boss", reflect this difficult time, which really matters! To the next!

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