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By Shiftrox | Neutral Field | 18 May 2021

What is the Brave Browser?

Launched in 2016, in its trial version, the Brave Browser sought to bring a balance to the debate about virtual advertising and public privacy.

At the heart of this issue is what we call the "Principal-Agent" problem or agency dilemma: in order to be able to offer a free service to users ("principals"), browsers ("agents") need to give up targeted advertising as way to compose your billing.

To be able to develop advanced targeting tools, it is first necessary to collect a large and diverse amount of information about people's virtual behavior. In this scheme, the ads themselves are like "Trojan horses", that is, they collect personal information from your audience.

That would be the main point of the problem. Giving up privacy and jeopardizing your security is a "bad deal" for users, who should not have to do so as a condition of having a good browsing experience.

Some may find it acceptable to exchange their privacy for a free, quality service, but things tend to get worse when personal data falls into the hands of companies and groups not directly involved in obtaining it. The sale or transfer of data to third parties is still a common practice in today's technology industry.

So, with the lack of alternative forms of billing and the growing demand created by the "attention market", there does not seem to be any alternative for this business model that is not based on advertising revenues. In that case, what to do?

Brave's conciliatory proposal seems to be simple: to offer as much privacy and security as possible, while ads are kept with a minimum of intrusion and, when possible, under the direct control of users.

How does Brave work?

Brave's approach is to offer several protection tools as standard, in order to meet the maximum possible users, regardless of their level of familiarity with the functioning of the internet and data collection.

Unlike most browsers, Brave's security and privacy settings are automatically configured for the greatest possible protection for the user. Thus, more robust protection is offered even for those who are not so familiar with the best navigation practices.

Brave has Brave Shields, a set of features included in the browser, that protect its users from the most intrusive practices on the web, such as advertisements, trackers, the practice of "fingerprinting" and the storage of " Cookies".

General settings, such as automatic encryption update to HTTPS and protection against phishing, malware and malvertising, protect your browsing even if you are not aware of these threats.

The browser also integrates other proprietary features, such as a password manager and an automatic form filler, keeping users' personal information in the browser and under the control of its owner.

For more experienced users, Brave also allows for an advanced level of customization. You can change your privacy preferences in general or for specific websites.

How can I make money with Brave?


There is a bit of doubt and confusion with the browser's rewards program, the so-called "Brave Rewards". Many believe that it is possible to "make money by watching ads", but it is not that simple.

Instead of earning nothing and having your data collected without consent, Brave Rewards' proposal is to reward users for the attention they devote to the websites they visit. When visiting a page registered in the program, Brave users receive a so-called "Basic Attention Token" or "BAT", a cryptocurrency created by Brave Software itself using blockchain technology.

BATs are counted locally in the browser and sent, once a month, to the websites visited, the amount sent being proportional to the attention given by the user. If you do not want to pay any of the sites visited, the user can prevent sending the cryptocurrency to those he does not want to reward. On the other hand, it is also possible for users to send "tips" to their favorite creators. These "tips" can be linked to channels on youtube, twitch or twitter for example.

There are also private ads that are completely optional and can be ignored by users. At the same time, if you want to watch, the user receives 70% of the revenue received for the placement of the ad - the other 30% is shared between Brave and its partner.

Thanks to a partnership between Brave and cryptocurrency trader Uphold, users can also transfer their accumulated BATs to their own virtual wallet. After the transfer is made, you can convert it to other cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Etherium.

Why choose Brave?


Ad blockers, in general, usually speed up the loading of pages, precisely because they block the requests for reproduction of ads sent, in addition to loading the ads themselves.

Brave's advantage lies precisely in the fact that its blocker is native to the browser. "Native" means that the blocker is directly integrated into the browser structure, without the need to install extensions. This allows Brave to complete loading more quickly than other browsers with external blockers.

Its approach to security and privacy and the possibility of earning cryptocurrencies ("BAT") just by browsing, make Brave a good choice to be considered.

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